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This was basically her Movie in a way if u think about it. She saved the Mane 6 and the school too. Her redemption was so good as she felt awful about what she did at CHS. This was her movie!

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In any movie or TV show whenever someone removes a jacket or shirt Shit gets real.
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Damn it, Sunset, how is it that you continue to be so awesome?! (:

Sunset's ready to rock!
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She look so hot!
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she is now become Badass!
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*watching in confusion as all of the stallions start going heart-eyed*
But seriously, this is beautiful!
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Girl, that is a BADASS moment you just did.
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Best moment from the film!
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I make base i hope, you do not mind

Mlp Eg base - 1
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You know I'm almost surprised some Hasbro guy didn't come running to the animation studio like "Jeez guys put some sleeves on this girl! We're Hasbro dammit! Also two more inches on the skirt!"
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"I'm Sunset and I'm the backup Twilight Sparkle for this Equestria. I used to be very naughty to my friends, but the other Twily showed me how to be good. Also, I'm the backup lead guitarist and singer for the Rainbooms if our hottie Rainbow Dash has a sickie or worse. Oh, and I'm not just Rebecca Shoichet with a hair dye job."
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Very cool looking!
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Best dramatic coat removal in MLP history
Also Sunset is the best imo
I love her entry into the song

Wooo, you go girl!!!
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Isn't it also the only coat reveal in mlp history?
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only coat reveal? nope considering Sunset Shimmer now has three different outfit sets. The third has been revealed in the preview of the newest special.
As for coat removal, that was the first one. The second one happened in the official pmv, "My Past is Not Today"
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So pretty and awesome Ah!
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love the art but may i ask some one to make a base out of it ... if not then thats fine ^_^
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Her expression totally says "Gonna break some fish-b*tches" XDDDDD
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Sunset Shimmer Smirk Emoticon. :iconsaysplz: Stand back, this one is mine!
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