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monday blues

Lesson : Don't use smartphones while walking
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It's fun to see how he uses his mouth to hold something like he used to do in Equestria.
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In before she trips and falls under the heavy rainfall
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a cup of coffee? more like a cup of Pain Pills.
coffee by MorkOrk  +  Got pills here by ArcaneKani  =  The Last Supper by ArcaneKani
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Lesson learned
Sunset in the rain looks ready to face them Monday blues. This is a great slice-of-life pic X3
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Su estilo practico es muy agradable visualmente hablando.
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This reminds me of college... I miss those days.
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Sunset darling, are you trying to be my number 1 waifoo?

Just have me allready. Stop being such a tease
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It's okay, Sunset is adventurous enough to have a water-resistant phone. And, as a bonus, her beauty is completely independent of water.
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Even with rain pouring down all around her, Sunset looks so cute and beautiful. :)
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beautiful and wet sunset <3
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Especially in the rain. ;)
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There may not be a sunset in the background this time but this is still amazing. (And I really liked Monday Blues)
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Poor Sunset. < : )


This pic looks awfully similar to this one:  Rainy day by Haden-2375
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I didn't know about the Summertime Shorts at the time! I swear!
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Yea watch the short Monday Blues, everyone is drawing Sunset how she appeared there xD.
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Yeah, gotta watch Morning Blues.
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Amazing fan art.:D
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