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The relationship of Twilight and Midnight reminds me an awful lot of Ghostfreak from Ben 10. Where he was trapped inside the Omnitrix and in the episode Ghostfreaked Out, he caused a nightmare for Ben in which he said: ”You can’t get away from me Ben, always the Hero, such a waste of potential, you want to be helpful? Then GET. ME. OUT!” Before later in the episode he actually escaped the Omnitrix and attempted to possess Ben, the nightmare part reminds me of the beginning of Legend of Everfree when Twilight has a nightmare about Midnight Sparkle potentially coming back and taking control of her again. Just like how Ben became afraid to use Ghostfreak as a transformation, afraid that Zs’Skayr (Ghostfreak’s true name and the source of the original Ectonurite DNA sample in the Omnitrix) would take control again, because before Ghostfreak escaped the Omnitrix he completely took control of Ben when he transformed into Ghostfreak to fight against some bad guys. Of course Ben overcame this fear in Omniverse because the Ghostfreak transformation was fixed, and Ben could use it without the fear of being controlled again, like how Twilight gained confidence to use her magic.