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Nightmares are just dreams, and these don't always end when we wake up...
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very hot!
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People keep making intercourse jokes, but the first thing I thought of was "Confrontation" from Jekyll & Hyde the Musical."
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not bad
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"You can't escape it, Twily! Embrace the midnight in you, because I am the midnight. Oh and I'm gonna have lots of sex with you in your dreams and each night, my fantasies with you will get more steamy until..."
"No! My heart is only for Sunset Shimmer and Trixie Lulamoon! They satisfy my passion for friendship and magic and Trixie's a good kisser."
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Midnight Sparkle: I only lost because Sunset Shimmer found a new Elements Of Harmony 2.0 form to play with. My bum is still sore from being spanked. As for you Twily, your host body can't get rid of me. What I suffered was a small setback.
Twilight: Sunset will spank you again with her magic if she has to. I will find a way to break free and make you my bitch, Midnight Sparkle. I am not your nerdslut sex plaything you can have your way with. Though...your dress is as hot as f**k. (pants a little with pleasure)

Midnight Sparkle: (sigh) You got me there...for now. In the meantime, you have a nice week at Camp Everfree with the one who spanked my bum with her magic. (kisses Twilight) Just remember, the Midnight is in you and I want to return to be the one to spank Daydream Shimmer's bum.
Twilight: Not f**king likely, Midnight Sparkle. Daydream Shimmer's got my back this time and she will help me get stronger in my magic.
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Twilight looks scared for good reason fantasic piece
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DazedSpectatorHobbyist General Artist
takes "go fuck yourself" to a whole other meaning.
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Great-5Hobbyist General Artist
Midnight looks like a Slaanesh daemonette.
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FerventDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Can't let you do that, Twilight! (Star Fox 64 reference)
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hm... if you rule 34 with yourself... is that GAY or INCEST?
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SuperJordanBlastHobbyist Artist
or both?
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I don't know that just allways bothered me
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Am I the only one reminded of Yubel from Yugioh GX by Midnight Sparkle?
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My mind went straight to Girahim.
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