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Adagio's got such curvy and killer hips!
rnko26's avatar
lookin good there Dagi
crazed-monkey's avatar
I really want to see her and the other sirens again. They were great! All of them!
King-of-Madness1's avatar
Dagi got back! Not mention hair! :D (Big Grin) 
KensetSSDaydream's avatar
Me- Hey, don't look at me that way!!!
Phoenixfirex's avatar
Adagio is many things...
Ugly is not one of them.

Also... :icondatassplz:
She does have a great ass, doesn't she?
KeybladeKnight99's avatar
Mmmmmm yeah let that hair down girl.
Kleiner-Jay's avatar
nice ass, baby!
trecegato's avatar
I like how her hair looks.
Andrew-avyx's avatar
I'm a tit man, but asses are nice too

trecegato's avatar
alexwarlorn's avatar
"You know what the worst part is? The weight. The constantly weight, pulling you down. I can't swim through the air. It feels like I have lead weights on every moment of every day. And even taking a swim is meaningless... because I can't relax or sleep, or I'll drown... "
Wind-pon3's avatar
Cutie mania Hehehe
brony3099's avatar
Wow Adagio you look lovelier with your hair down, just saying.
arcader1's avatar
uuhhh *blushes* :blushes: wow
Mikkillerib's avatar
Ooooh. Thats a lovely view.
saber360's avatar
What's up with her? :?
ItsAllPossible's avatar
Cute little badass....Verrry Cool & Sexy pic! ;-) 
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