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Well Well Well...
I have been away for a while. So busy with my 9 to 5 as well as working on websites for The New Age Group But now I am trying to get back into the swing of creation. While gone, I have been reading as many animation books as I could as well as doing daily sketches. Aaaaaaand, been doing some writing. So the busy work hasn't kept me from my creative work, totally. So, for any one who has been watching, I thank you and I apologize for my absence. Please stay tuned... there is more to come.
KillRoy will be back at his battle in due time.

Oh, and with the things I have been reading, you will see a change in my animation from full (or close to full, at least) render to basic movements and pencil sketches. I have decided that I may be more of a storyboard, movement and scene establisher as opposed to a full rendered, colored type of guy. That's what these practices are for right? Now back to work!
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