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To Be Carefree


To Be Carefree

To be carefree, is to be unlike me. Tell me to have courage, and overcome fear... look away, while I shed a tear. Why do I cry With no one to hear? For the fear, It's always near. Ready to pounce, Ready to strike, On any effort Any ounce Of any like. Anxiety, anxiety, Will you ever leave me be? Doesn't it get tiring, Constantly conspiring? Lying and deceiving Myself... Always dreaming, Yet never believing. Oh, dear reader... Be the believer, There's nothing sweeter. Wipe away your tears, and overcome your fears. Be carefree, Be unlike me.

Here and There - a poem


Here and There - a poem

"Here and There" Date written: Early September, 2020 by: T3chn0Zorro Here I stand in reality, There is my land of fantasy. Here my constant fear surrounds, There I am safe and sound. Here is full of mystery, oh, can't it be clear like my fantasy. There I soar like a bird, Here I never say a word. I don't let them look at me, am I afraid of what they'll see? Building the wall higher and higher, closing the doors of all I desire, I wonder what will transpire in a future seemingly dire? And as I spiral into the dark below, the fear ensures that no one will know. Unless I reach out my hand, and grasp that other land; To bring my dreams here, to take away my fear. That gear of constant fear, forever turning Inside my mind, burning. Take it away, today, I hope and pray. Leave it no more, so I may truly soar. So I may break through that wall, to overcome it all. To make everything clear, standing here. I need to let them see the true me, to let myself free. And simple it may be, if
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My Bio

I'm a beginning coder. I'm not proficient in any language, but I've learned some basics of JavaScript, and I'm learning some Java, HTML, and CSS.

I am trying to draw as a hobby when I have time, but I haven't gotten good enough yet to consider myself an artist. I believe that if I make enough time to practice, I'll get there someday ^^;

I encourage kindness and positivity :heart::love::huggle:, and I try my best to practice them myself (even though it's hard sometimes).

Things I like

  • Art :dalove:

  • Music :sing:

  • Programming :typerhappy:

  • Meditation :meditation:

  • Zorros (foxes)

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Bad Suns, Johannes Bornlöf, Josh Groban, Peter Collins, Cinema Staff, Skillet...(and more)
Favourite Books
Beyonders, Five Kingdoms, Fablehaven, Reckoners, Shadowhunter novels, Carve the Mark...
Favourite Writers
Brandon Mull, Brandon Sanderson, Cassandra Claire, James Dashner, Veronica Roth
Favourite Games
Warframe, R6 Siege, Minecraft, NITW (never played it, but watched it), Halo, Pokémon...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Languages, including Spanish and French

Story about me

Story about me

11/15/20 Hey! I'm a senior in high school and I want to share why I joined DeviantArt. I choose art as an elective from 7th through 9th grade. While I'm proud of some of the art I made, I never pursued art outside of class, not even to doodle. I was too afraid to, afraid to express my creativity. I have had social anxiety for a while, which has made me reserved and self-critical. But last summer, I was motivated by the friendly community of Khan Academy. Over that summer, I had started to learn programming on Khan Academy. I took a course called Intro to JavaScript: Drawing and Animation, and in this course I had to complete 9 projects. Projects in Khan Academy are public and are graded by members of the community who have already completed them. I worked hard on my projects, and was surprised by all the kind feedback from my evaluators. Not only that, there were a few people who had up-voted my projects and left supporting comments. After completing that first course, I started a
Haven't been very active recently due to school, so won't post or respond as often :/

Here and There (old post)

Here and There (old post)

See my gallery for my poem: "Here and There" It was originally posted here, until I found I can post a deviation as literature. I guess I'm still learning how to navigate this site :/

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