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UchihaMyTaka Featured By Owner May 12, 2019  New Deviant
You have a beautiful imagination, I often dream about strange places that I would love to put on paper yet I don't have the talent to draw them so I write about them sometimes. I hope you will continue making such beautiful pictures. I'll use some for my desktop, I don't find fitting pictures to inspire me but these do an amazing job.
LightTrack Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
I do not know how you have managed to create renditions of the things i have dreamt about, but for that i thank you and wish i knew you in person.

Each and every one of these fragmented wonders were obviously made with an incomprehensible amount of attention to detail and with a deep passion for a world we all wish we lived in. Your creativity and self-expression is well pronounced to say the least, and i'll let you know that i've added almost all of your works as my new wallpapers, reminding me that there are people out there who wield a talent i wish i could - to make dreams a reality, even if they are dreams on paper or on a screen.

I wish a lack of distraction upon you, for a bored artist is the most inspired one, and you are one gifted artist.

- Light
eugenx Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
ArchangelImperius Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2018
Your art is wonderful! You're a true artist!
Borkilicious Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2018  Student General Artist
Each of these pieces is sooooo gorgeous. I would favorite and comment every single thing I like about each drawing, but that would take at least 100 years.
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