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Wallpaper for 100 themes challenge:
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Photoshop CS6
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SilverWolfEve's avatar
The concept is wonderful.
Love the colours and love the lights and shadows.
7soldieroflight7's avatar

Ok, this is awesome!! You know, not only this one but countless others are too. You are very good at what you do. Not to mention, Hands down one of the best on DA. You are a remarkable artist and I definitely can't wait to see more art from you . Good on ya: )

Awesome!!!!, excuse me, can I use your images on my videos??? I love your works and I would like to promote the, so I want to use them on my videos, may I?
wikedwitch's avatar
Beautifully done.
CritCorsac's avatar
Such a spectacular piece!
CollinMagney's avatar
The colors are very lovely. :heart:
ABB0002's avatar
Cool some one used this of image dragons thunder lyrics
roseKripest's avatar
i first saw this on a youtube video 
n1n0sl4v's avatar
...and the little dragon farted it's way up to the big dragon ;)
ElspethMT's avatar
WOW, that is wonderful!
this looks like its really real! I love it! <3 amazing work!
JesiAppleface's avatar
I wish I could be that good...maybe it'll grow onto me XD
KarateZingo's avatar
Omg, its so beautiful*-*
GinSann's avatar
how to download ?
T1na dafuq... every picture tells a story.
What drugs do you take for this awesomeness?
Or is it a gift? :D

GrowingMorphedBoobs's avatar
I love Dragons.
My Star sign is a fish 🐟 but in the
Chinese star sign i am a Dragon 🐉 .
If they still would exist. I sure would be a dragon rider
Don't know if I would have a dragon like that size.
But it would be really cool and awesome to ride on a animal that's bigger than a Small City
This is a dragon master piece! Simply amazing I'm speechless
operia212's avatar
This looks amazing
DubstepMangle's avatar
Ahhh! This art is so well made! You put a lot of detail into this that it makes this look real!!!
LunarEclipse128's avatar
I want a dragon like that
SilentHybrid's avatar
That's a huge yet amazing dragon
EnderFuse's avatar
This is seriously down right gorgeous!
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