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Inspired by movie Oblivion.
Watch ANIMATION on Youtube: [link]

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Other is drawn or it's mine.

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i like my version of this: the pony version. i call it equestria 2077 and the main character would be pinkamena harper; yes, pinkie pie would be pony 49. trying to make this well known. the story so far:

equestria's destroyed, all of ponyville's gone, and the other places are too. pinkie's a repairpony fixing drones. the remaining scav ponies left in equestria are the ponies left at all. pinkie pie gets to a scav, revealed as rarity. pinkie pie and rarity find rainbow dash and the other 3(: twilight sparkle, applejack and fluttershy) at the different parts of ponyville and are left with drones...

trying to make equestria 2077 well known and maybe have it's own wiki, or an article on eques. daily.
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Great. This looks a lot like the world the tet originated from. I hope there is a sequel which explains why the tet was sent and who sent it.
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So beautiful!! I love the colors!
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Hey there :wave:
Your wallpaper has been featured in my newest journal feature: Wallpaper Wednesday #12!
I'd love if you could give it a look and support your fellow wallpaper artists :D
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awesome work Martina :)
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Wow , Amazing tina ! :O
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Ooooo, is this intended to be the world the tet came from? VERY cool!
WOW, this is beyond awesome.... :star: :star:
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awesome tina. D:
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The structure seems to have a white outline in some areas, but otherwise beautiful work <3
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Nice! Only problem I may have if i'm being picky is the Jet fire on the craft, it's a little too blurry, but other than that this is absolutely wonderful. Fav'd.
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