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+ references of monster image of Aleksi Briclot (Vraska) and boy

I hope you like it.
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Okay, this is COOL!
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BY THE NINE DIVINE!!! (fffff you High Elves)
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So aside from the Vraska artwork, what else in this picture is stolen?
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Hi. The main character in the background is a ripp-of of my work. No credits : this is bad!!
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I don't see that character in your Fratured
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The character in this image is clearly a recoloured direct copy of Vraska, the Unseen from Magic: the Gathering. Note that the artist of that card is Aleksi Briclot, the same person you just replied to. 
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Incredible work with lighting, shadows and highlights 👍
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Incredible work, love it.
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Such an invasion of evil into innocence.  Breathtaking and horrifying.
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AMAZING! YOU TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! SIMPLY AMAZING!Clap Love :happybounce: w00t! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! :squee: 
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I want to go to a museum where BREATH TAKING art like this is presented!!!
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Thats a rehashed inimage of Vraska from magic the gathering. the owner of that drawing is: Aleksi Briclot. This image will be reported. 
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Even the owl was taken from the image used with this video… I'm not sure how this works, is it not allowed?
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What a douche bucket!
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Maybe. but then again I wouldnt want my art stolen.
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Well this is DA, they only worry about people reporting "porn"-like art.
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Very evocative - reminds me a little of the computer game 'Limbo', or what it would be like if realised in colour. Brilliant.
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