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For me it looks more like a "Welcome". She's turned towards that beauty, arriving, embracing it. :)

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What a gorgeous crisp early morning. i can smell the fresh air and I love the magical glow of the scene. ❤️

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nothing special here (?), but the compositon and Lightning is so on point, everything is in perfect combination, a really strong peaceful artwork, I love it instantly.

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Awwww........  :)
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Very beautiful scene <3
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It looks more like "Hello" than "Farewell".
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Ohhh veryn nice
The light is amazing
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Absolutely stunning. Amazing work. :)
banda link won't work
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Love it  Excellent work.
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Amazing i love the colours
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:o... woah  ho hooo! dude is amazing.

beautiful work :clap:
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Love this, Martina!... Taking one last look before she leaves... 💖💖💖💖💖
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Not leaving but arriving. Farewell to a previous existence and hello to a new, very uncertain one. 

A beautifully lit piece with a compelling otherworldly appearance. 
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Is this painted or a composite? Or both? :0
Either way, it is amazing! 
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