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Wallpaper for 100 themes challenge:
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Mystical feels. Very cool.

Two black ways means that living alone these people were unhappy. One bright one, that having united they became happy. But it doesn't work that way. When the two minuses are added, there will be an even greater minus. Man and woman bring no more into the relationship than they themselves are. And when two misfortunes meet, they will not be happy. Only if both of you were happy before marriage will you be happy in your marriage. A person should be happy on his own. This is an indicator of his personality.

God created Adam without Eve and happy. And Eve was happy with God. Only then will they be able to love each other endlessly. Sin ruined everything, and since then people have hated people. This was done by the enemy of man - Satan. Therefore, accept the love of God manifested in Christ Jesus, who suffered for the sins of the world and redeemed creation from the devil. Today there is no more condemnation for those who believe that Jesus Christ forgave all his sins. Such one has eternal life and does not come to the Judges. Amen.

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So beautiful! Loving it ;)

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Wow! No words.. Just love your work!!!

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I hope they can stop for a Burger or something...On1,:| (Blank Stare) 
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majestic, is the word that comes to mind for me. well done :)
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your art gives me goosebumps! truly amazing!
This is incredible :)
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Thank you for being an artist. Looking at your work just makes me happy 
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I really like this.  It's as if the horizon stretches on forever and knows no bounds for these two.
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amazing...absolutely amazing
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This image is awesome!
It reminds me of an antithetic version of my last image "Hand in hand to divine land" :) (Smile) 

Hand in hand to divine land by kaisernero121
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Beautiful work Tina :)
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Oh my god
THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :omgomg: 
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I can almost smell the lavender in the air with this piece.  Outstanding work!
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t1na  your art work is really unique.You are really good..Amazing!
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