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Wraith queen's throne

By t17dr
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It's been a long time since I last posted something, i really missed sculpting :)
Highpoly model for the SGAA game.
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Scary, but beautiful in an Alien sort of way...

Is the model available for down-load anywhere ?

FWIW, my Nortons *screamed* when I first tried to access your SGAA link.  'Danger, Danger, Will Robinson !!'
Yet, venturing there, no nasties materialised...
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Nice one, kinda reminds me of the episode where the warriors were made, with the holes having cables attached to it.

SGAA, what game is that? Google is being dumb as usual..
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Stargate Atlantis Adventures [link].
Cool work R U going to make the poly available for purchase or download on turbosquid?
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Fantastic! How big are they?
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It's a digital model. It could be 3D-printed, then the size would depend on the settings and printer capabilities.
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Wow, very interesting! Good sculpt.
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Cool. Looks smooth and organic.
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Super sculpt! You are very clever!
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Wow that's fantastic!:O I've actually wanted to make a throne too, but then it would be for Daz Studio and not a game (not sure how that works, making items for games)
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Thank you. .. This is just a highpoly version to "bake" details for a lowpoly game model, which can be rendered in realtime.
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I don't understand, but it's very cool nonetheless :D
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Beautiful sculpt! :)
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