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Completed lowpoly model with final NM and AO. 2k maps, a little over 5.5k tris. Now the fun part - texturing...
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only 5.5k?impressive.
would you upload a ingame screenshot?most of details are in the normal map alone,i wonder if this will work well in game engine.thanks in advance.
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Thank you. Well, this is a realtime render from game engine - UDK, as well as the final version [link] (But both with AA made in PS). If you meant screenshot from actual game with environment, that'll take some time. I don't have the animations done and then it's up to our programmer to take it ingame.
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i redo my cz805 lowpoly model,reduse tricount from 11.4k to about 8.7k,i think i also need re-unwrap much time did you spend to unwrap this one?
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i don't remember exactly. Unwrap usually takes me too much time, i think i spent a whole day doing it.