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Finally got everything uploaded that I wanted. Everything else that's in my stash is admittedly outdated, but of course I also didn't have any intentions of uploading those either. And then there's a couple of things that I don't think belong in my gallery, lol. .w.)

Going back to my main account now, chances are this will have a cluttered inbox again when I come back to upload my next batch of commissions. XD
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Making it here too~ 
Watch out for nightwolfX31!!
^^^^ This sick fuck is telling people to kill themselves, giving out death threats now, and even told a mother to kill her infant son because she wouldn't do a role-play with him. And from the looks of it he's also an art thief, but I can't be certain as I do not have enough evidence.
But, his behavior is unacceptable, so just block and report him, and move on. He's a terrible man to be getting involved with. :|
Also, I made a journal about him on my commission account too: 

Stay away from nightwolfX31. He's nothing but trouble. He gives out death threats, tells people to kill themselves, and get this, he even told a mother to kill her infant son, all because she wouldn't do a stupid role-play with him. He blocked me on my main account, so I figured a little payback would be good but decided against as I don't want to get in trouble myself by block evading. So I'm going to block him on this account and move on. 

Whatever you do, don't even try talking to him. He's immature and blocks everyone on the spot for defending @/Spardanger. So really, it'd be a waste of everyone's time to try and talk to him. Just block and report him, that is all. :heart:
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I draw:

★Cute stuff
★Sonic (I myself am not in the fandom, but I draw it for others.)
★Mild blood/Gore
★Some dark stuff, please ask.

☆Hate art
☆Very difficult designs

●Anything else, please ask me!!


Full body: 300 Points

Roxie by StarrySphynxKitty

+Night goddess+ by StarrySphynxKitty

Reference 33: Quinn by StarrySphynxKitty

1495683315042 by StarrySphynxKitty

Half body: 200 Points
Pretty girl by StarrySphynxKitty

Hello purple kitty by StarrySphynxKitty

Spirit sage by StarrySphynxKitty

Headshots: 80 Points

E08e2474-82e3-43b9-ba97-3e25e979acee by StarrySphynxKitty
8da09fb3-9b54-47d5-a253-3741530e52e2 by StarrySphynxKitty

020d9878-5129-4b23-8b31-1e3bb6377d8e by StarrySphynxKitty

Icons: 100 Points
Well by StarrySphynxKitty

She says she loves you by StarrySphynxKitty

Marsadopts by StarrySphynxKitty

2ef839f1-2f96-43f4-853c-c15163713cb9 by StarrySphynxKitty
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Been a long time since I logged into this account. In about a week or so, I'm gonna be uploading all the owed art to this account, because I kept it in the stash...because silly and lazy me didn't wanna log in at the time. XD

I also missed the one year anniversary of this account back in March...ugh. I can't believe I forgot. I guess I was too stressed out at the time, cause I forgot a lot of things around March...^^;

Also...this part is pointless,  but I had to switch to decaffeinated coffee, the caffeine is also another cause of my headaches. It sucks I tell you. .n.)

Well, ta-ta for now, if anyone remembers this account. :meow:

//psst this is @/X-Nightwatcher-X ewe
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This time I haven't been active on my commission account, whoops. 
I'll be uploading a bit of the owed things I finished, but I'll have doodle commissions open until 5:30pm today
Quick doodle commissions closedThey're offer what you want commissions, points only please qwq
I wanna get back into the groove of things, so...
They'll look like this
So, offer however much you want, I honestly don't care
I'll close these whenever o3o
I'll draw furries/Anthro, pokemon and anime/humans o3o

Cause after that, I'm taking a break to keep myself calm and recover from a few problems I've got goin' on right now.

But after I come back, I'm gonna start putting adopts here as well, instead of just commissions/ATs/Requests.
Which by the way...I might not do requests anymore, unless it's for my friends ^^;
Possibly!  I'm not sure yet, right now everything is a work in progress, cause I've been winging it as of late.

Well...Anyways, I'll go ahead and start uploading a few things.
Time to clean up the dust :XD:

By the way, I'm going for it!
I'm gonna start a comic! :la:
I'll be uploading pages to my main account,  StarrySphynxKitty! OuO
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FINALLY I can log on...ugh. 
It took forever to get this account back, we don't know what the hell happened. My friend was screaming from anger yesterday morning because she couldn't figure out what was going on...she knows more about computers than I do, thats for sure. X'D
I just got off the phone with her, she called me telling me that she finally managed to get in. Was kinda funny, she was yelling,"I'M SMARTER THAN A FUCKING COMPUTER! TAKE THAT! GAHAH!" l'D
She's still fixing the laptop she gave me though, but I mean, I'll only use the computer to code my page now, since I don't draw with a mouse anymore .w.);

But still, I'm grateful for her help with all of the computer shit I don't know x'D

From this point on though,  commissions are closed, since I have one hell of a list to do right now.
<da:thumb id="618883298"/>
However, if you have any ideas for a collab, let me know and I'll think about it qwq

Now to go through my messy inbox, which I honestly didn't expect... ouo);
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Commissions are open owo

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 8, 2016, 4:07 PM
These will be open for a few weeks, but gimme some time cause lately I've been busy and tired af ;v;
Refer to these 2 sheets if you're interested! :heart:
COMMISSION SHEET! Please read the description! by T0XIC-NEGATIVITY  COMMISSION SHEET PART2 Please read the description by T0XIC-NEGATIVITY

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Comment if I owe you something please! Theres a possibility that I might have to cancel whatever we are doing, but I'll pay you back with a little points qwq
(Don't comment just to get points, you'll be blocked if yiu do. I'll be checking everything :stare: )
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Journal Entry: Fri May 13, 2016, 8:36 PM

Hellooooo lovelies, uhh I'm holding a sale right now because I need points for a badass looking adopt lmao.

These are adopts from my main account that haven't gotten a home yet.
I will be updating this journal,  a LOT.

I honestly don't care what you do with them anymore, just don't use them for anything sexual, don't resell them, and please let me know when you first draw them!
Feel free to convert them to any style you want.

Everything here is now OTA.
OTA means "OFFER TO ADOPT" in case you didn't know, or in case your new here.

Please offer at least more than 20 points! Anything under will be rejected and ignored </3 Sorry darlings qwq
You can also offer art as well, but if I accept, at least pay 20 points uwu

When asking for an adopt, please tell me which number so no one gets confused. 
When I accept your offer, please pay in the donation pool on this account!

Bases belong to original owners (most are by Koru-ru.)
I drew numbers 8,18, and 26.

You'll get brownie points with me if the words "coffee shop" is in your comment ewe
You don't have to though :iconeweplz: 


Edit: ALL BOUGHT BY AceheroicX
Characters now belong to him!


Hiatus on both accounts. Please read!

Journal Entry: Fri May 13, 2016, 10:16 AM
So I thought about it...Please read. Its important. 
Excuse me if I seem like I'm looking for attention. I'm not. 
And I'm sorry for being all depressed and shit. I haven't felt like this since I was 15. I've been thinking...
I'm really gonna have to take a break. I'm getting help from my family. 
I really snapped last night after Snowcone died.
I didn't realize how bad my anxiety really was until I found out I passed out.
My mom just got done telling me about everything that happened, I know I made the journal about Snowcone. I remember that much.
But, as of late, I've been feeling like a waste of space. 
I feel like I shouldn't even be alive. 
Shouldn't even be in society. 
Shouldn't have friends...
My feelings have just been terrible after my mom bitched me out 2 weeks ago, she blames everything on my tablet and dA.
But, I felt it was better to forgive than hold a grudge against her, so I quickly forgave her...because, after all, she

I will be on a hiatus for about 3 weeks to a month.
To those who I owe art to, I will be working on that while I'm out.
However, if I feel too stressed out,  I might cancel it.  (if you already have your art trade out, don't worry about that, I will finish my part. I'm talking about like, requests and shizz.)

Replies to rps will be slow, but I might clear my replies. (Excluding the rps. I wanna actually continue those thank you x'D)

So for now, bye bye!
Hope to see y'all soon <3

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Sketch trade (art trades open)

Journal Entry: Wed May 4, 2016, 8:22 PM
By sketch trades, I mean art trades. But I'm only doing sketches :meow:
You yourself dont have to color your part, since I'm only making sketches
They will look like this
Sketch 2 by StarrySphynxKitty

Since these are easy to make, I'm taking 5 of these. 

Remember, these are ART TRADES! Not requests. Which means you gotta draw ouo)/
I won't upload mine until you upload yours.
And dont draw stick figures please qwq
Unless its a joke, then ok x'D

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Read this please.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 26, 2016, 11:52 AM
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Pallet Commissions/Requests open

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 22, 2016, 10:15 AM
Okie, so!
As I said in my main account journal
I'm opening pallet commissions and requests!

Things are gonna be a bit different this time
I'm using this challenge

I'll be doing 10 slots each time, and these 10 slots will be commissions. 
The next 10 will be requests, and so forth. 
It IS commissions AND requests after all.

I'm offering half-body, full-body, and headshots
Alongside with icons!

Heres the catch:
I'm only drawing each pallet once
If I notice that you want the same pallet as someone else, I'm sorry but you'll have to choose another qwq


I will draw:
-Furries (anthro basically)
-Undertale (I have my limits though)
-Gore (but not too much )
- simple mecha
-SLIGHT nudity
(However, I prefer if they were anthro with a lot of fur, or if your character has really long hair. {Magic works too}
I am only willing to draw it if it covers the chest and such.
And I will put a mature filter on it, its better to be safe than sorry.)

Preferably, I would like to draw females, but you can request males if you want!

(though I have my limits...I'll let you know if can't draw the character(s) )

- anything sexual
- fetishes
- anyone gettin pantsd 
- anything too detailed (sorry, but I'm still working on that)
- wayyyy to much gore 
- detailed mecha (still working on that too)
- MLP 
- Sonic
- fnaf

Please let me know which pallet you want beforehand!
If you don't tell me, I'm choosing randomly!

I'll be working in random order!

Headshots: 5 points
-currently no examples for pallets-

Icons: 10 points
Pallet 80 by StarrySphynxKitty

Halfbody: 20 points
AlexandraNightshade half body 1 by StarrySphynxKitty

Fullbody: 40 points (these take forever sorrryyyy qwq)
Commission 13 by T0XIC-NEGATIVITY

Current mode: Commissions!

1. Pandilli pallet 19 -icon- ◇finished◇
2.Canaddicted pallet 54 -Halfbody-
3.AceheroicX pallet 18 -full body-

Okay, time for a nice hot cuppa joe owo (coffee!)

But this time, I'm only taking 3.
I'm in godawful art block, I know I said that on my other journal for custom adopts, but I'm thinking that might not have been enough...

I've tried drawing personal art, but its not helping either:/
Maybe I need to try a different style? :|
I'm not sure...but anyways, just be aware, its NOT first come first serve this time, sorry.
Please leave a ref and I'll let you know if I chose your request. 
I'm only interested in designs that really catch my eye this time :/

I will draw:

-Furries (anthro basically)
-Anime (humans technically)
-Undertale (depends actually, please ask me)
- Fluffy Animals (also depends, please ask)
-Gore (but not too much )
- simple mecha

:-here comes the shocker-:
-SLIGHT nudity
(However, I prefer if they were anthro with a lot of fur, or if your character has really long hair. {Magic works too}
I am only willing to draw it if it covers the chest and such.
And I will put a mature filter on it, its better to be safe than sorry.)

Preferably, I would like to draw females, but you can request males if you want!

(though I have my limits...I'll let you know if can't draw the character(s) )

- anything sexual
- fetishes
- anyone gettin pantsd 
- anything too detailed (sorry, but I'm still working on that)
- extreme gore 
- detailed mecha, ex: Mettaton
(still working on that too, might make exceptions)


To everyone else who commented,  thanks for your interest ^^
  • Drinking: I finally got some coffee qwq