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Team Fortress Fan Girls



The point of this little project was to create *unique* female characters for the 9 classes of teamfortress 2.
There has been fanart of lineups of the cast as girls, but i feel that the cast doesnt translate well with just a simple gender-swap. So i designed a new character, with a new personality, look and ethnicity for each class.

Allright time to give away secret inspirations for the characters.

Pyro, orignal idea, the mask was from "Lila" from "Dexter".

Engi, i got the idea from the chick in Transformers movie working on a car, i thought a girl grease-monkey would be cool.

Spy, this character "sprocket" from the viewtiful joe anime.

Heavy, i was stuck on dis ones for a while, my friend suggested looking at a character "mili" from trigun, so i got the idea of the coat from that.

Sniper, "Yoko" from the anime "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann".

Scout, the olympics haha.

Soldier, butch chick from "Aliens" this one is pretty blatant i think.

Demo, some crazy bitch i saw walking down the street.

Medic, she originally looked like a nurse, my friend said "give her scrubs dumb-ass" and it kinda fell together after.

sorry for taking forever to finish this thing. i got a new job and ive been workin on my school work so ive been busy.

this pic is only about 25% of the original size. If you are interested in a HIGH-REZ print, send me a note, going to be selling them for 20$ US.

thnx for pointing out my inability to spell a 5 letter word haha!
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Does Anyone know what happend to this guy? He hasn't posted in a while