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I drew this on 12x9 paper, .5 mm mech pencil.

drawing was 35 minutes, colours was about 6 hours.

This is one of my favorite Characters, Link, most of u probably know of him. Anywho heres my attempt at a kinda...action picture. I used a much more interactive backround as well as very directional lighting. Ive very happy with this even though there are plently of mistakes.
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this reminds me of that weird zelda song i heard on newgrounds "Link, he come to town, he come to save, the princess Zelda..." I forgot the rest :P
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looks awesome :faint:
SeruOmen's avatar
Nice job! You really succeeded in the whole action pose thing.
Jessie44's avatar
it's definitely an interesting apprach to link.
KaosK405's avatar
Hurry, Link! Get to castle town before the drawbridge goes up! Oh, and get a shield.
DazenCobalt's avatar
nice action pose for link :D
Gaara-Lee's avatar
Love Link! Did him great justice!
fighterace2688's avatar
whoa awsome might have to fav this :D
beefgir's avatar
its like hes diving for the last can of coke. hahahaha. exelent job!
that-disturbedguy's avatar
Dude that is kick ass.
Kittypunklover's avatar
*drool* Woah! I love the coloring!!! Good job!
cahir-the-witcher's avatar
this art is just simply awesome:heart:_:heart:
CelestialNymph's avatar
Awesome job Dude.I'm gonna check the rest of your gallery out!
Shinji-Leaf's avatar
I'm-a lookin' and I'm-a likin'
valeurin's avatar
Aww, this drawing is great! I like Link. He looks like he's gonna eat me! :aww:
Jovi-girl101's avatar
This would make a good poster. 0.0 I think it good enough to offer to the real company as a poster. Anyways, Great job.
EssenceOfBelladonna's avatar
Wow... just wow! I love everything about this picture! :D
lurch028's avatar
Mistakes??... hmmm... no don't see any. You're your own worst critic man, this is awesome.
Caliban-Krono's avatar
LOL I love it!The look on his face is priceless.
k-hallowseve's avatar
I love the perspective and motion!
BillyPothead's avatar
I got a friend who would LOVE this.
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