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The divorce

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Cover illustration for HPdeTijd magazine
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Your depiction of DIVORCE is amazing.  This truly captures the experience of the child in some divorce situations.  This is so perfect that I used this on my site for Shared Parenting.  I made efforts to capture the multiple representations of the anger and the differences between the parents.

I included the link to this piece of art on my site. If you have a separate account or want additional links included please let me know.  I will be happy to accommodate you for the use of this masterpiece.  

Following is the description I put on the site.  If there is something I should add or delete please let me know.
Site link is: 


Facebook link is: 

A symbolic representation of DIVORCE!!!!!  


The anger stands out the most!  Note the flailing arms and angry looks with the wide mouths and stabbing eyes, the beads swinging and the hair flying.  Red and green backgrounds are opposing colors on the color wheel showing how the parents are TOTAL opposites.  Clothes are opposing colors and note how one parent has a zig zag design while the other parent is wearing the opposite, a straight type belt and round beads.  Even the light fixture and couches are different for each side indicating the dissimilarity between the parents.  


Each parent is sitting on a crucial baby item-a bottle and toy; perhaps squashing the significance of the child.  And, oh yes, there IS a child in the pic.  Sadly, the child is NOT the first thing one focuses on when looking at this pic.  The child is sitting quietly and engaging in an activity alone; however, the eyes are wide-eyed and piercing indicating a sense of ‘what am I to do.’"

You are a very talented artist!
Thank you!

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Thats pretty much what custody battles are in a nut-shell.
I like here how the kid becomes the adult and how the adults become the children.
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Whoa...this is really deep.
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best picture on divorce i've found
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this is incredible
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wow, just wow <3
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Great color and composition ;)
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