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Venus Murcia

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Published: May 12, 2010
I wanted to do some classical or contemporary look with a new design of Venus. Hope you like it ^^

I did it in Corel Painter X, a broken Wacom Graphire3 (it was my last drawing), and used `lockstock for pose. I like a lot her photos, she has some goddess look, I'm glad to had done this drawing with she as model.

Edit: fixing some hues and fabric.

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~~~~~· ~~~~~· ~~~~~> RELATED INFO OF GODDESS VENUS <~~~~~ ·~~~~~ ·~~~~~

[link] (Wikipedia (more languages there))
Venus was a major Roman goddess principally associated with love, beauty and fertility. [...]

The noun form Venus means "love" and "sexual desire" in Latin[1] and has connections to venerari (to honour, to try to please) and venia (grace, favour) through a possible common root in an Indo-European *venes-, comparable to Sanskrit van (love, honour).[2] Venus' name might embody the function of honours and gifts to the divine when seeking their favours: such acts can be interpreted as the enticement, seduction or charm of gods by mortals.[3][4] The ambivalence of this function is suggested in the etymological relationship of the root *venes- with Latin venenum (poison, venom), in the sense of "a charm, magic filter".[5]

Like other major Roman deities, Venus was ascribed a number of epithets to refer to different aspects or roles of the goddess.
Venus Murcia ("Venus of the Myrtle") was an epithet that merged the goddess with the little-known deity Murcia or Murtia. Murcia was associated with the myrtle-tree, but in other sources was called a goddess of sloth and laziness.

Symbols: Dolphin, Rose, Scallop Shell, Myrtle, Dove, Sparrow, mirror, and Swan</sup>
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YukosakeHobbyist General Artist
It's beautiful! =)
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Ok I think this is my favorite of your works. It has this, natural beauty feel to it. It looks, amazing.
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Thank you very much ^^
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FrutodetuimaginacionHobbyist Photographer
Se me pareció con Zelda por un momento XDDDDDD Muy bonita :3
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FJFT-Art Digital Artist
Me gustaría poder compararlo con la versión anterior para ver las diferencias, pero bueno, tal y como está ahora si pudiera 're-favearlo' lo haría sin pensármelo ;)
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Lo cierto es que no saltan a la vista XD pero si los comparas sí hay mejora. Creo que por aquí lo tengo :) [link]
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FJFT-Art Digital Artist
Ah! ok gracias Patricia ;)
Ya veo algún cambio por ahí jeje en definitiva, es que está cojonudo!
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Love it! Especially the way she is holding her head. almost like she is saying "I don't need your approval."
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dCTbProfessional Digital Artist
this is increidble!
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Lan-EX-HikariHobbyist Writer
Zombified wannabe novelist coming back to AFTERLIFE!

ha ha :P

Ah, de tus obras en la nota, esta me llamó más la atención. Sobretodo ahora que estoy volviendo al neoclasismo (musical más que nada) y al renacimiento (artistico).

Me gustó bastante, sobre todo los detalles simbólicos (que hablan mucho de tí) Buena elección de modelo también, muy inspiradora.

Tal vez luego pueda ordenar más mi idea, tuve la mala idea de revisar tu nota en el laburo LOL

Au revoir, mademoiselle.
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Muchísimas gracias por el comentario :love:
¿Estás escribiendo una novela? ¡¡Mucho ánimo!! A mí escribir es lo que más me cuesta, ¡más que dibujar!
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RavendynHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm enjoying the paint feel of this piece, and lack of lines within the image.
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brightwingHobbyist General Artist
Wow, just, wow! The expression on her face conveys so much, but without looking odd (if that made any sense). That outfit is amazing, too, and all the subtle details. All in all, great work! ^^
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Thank you very much! I'm glad you took a moment to watch all the details :)
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brightwingHobbyist General Artist
^^ You're welcome! I'm always happy to look at details (though that sounded lame).
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Yura-chan General Artist
sorry about not watching XO
Beautiful, love mythology ^^
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Don't worry ^^ you're welcome :hug:
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diegoidef Digital Artist
Muy buen trabajo!
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