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[ PK ] Firefox Sun-xie by t-riptocaine [ PK ] Firefox Sun-xie by t-riptocaine
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tiene un palo en la colaaaaa
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"Don't run away"

[ Pokemon ] Delphox
[ Nature ] Sassy
[ Move set ]

  Future sight: Two turns after this move is used, the foe is attacked with a hunk of psychic energy.
  Mystical fire: The user attacks by breathing a special, hot fire. This also lowers the target's Sp. Atk stat.
  Fire Blast: The foe is attacked with an intense blast of all-consuming fire. It may also leave the target with a burn.
  Solar blade: In this two-turn attack, the user gathers light and fills a blade with the light's energy, attacking the target on the next turn.

[ Ability ] Magician

   The Pokémon steals the held item of a Pokémon it hits with a move.

[ Characteristic ]
 quick tempered [ increases ATTACK ]

[ Name ] Xiao Sun-Xie
 [ Gender ] Female, non conforming
 [ Birthday ] September 19
 [ Age ] 27
 [ Height ] 189cm
 [ Weight ] 78kg

[ Items ] ??????
Kingdom: Diamonds Kingdom
Title: None
Occupation ] Oracle sand/fire witch
[ Location ] -temporal- Eureka 
Card Rank: 3
[ Personality ]

 Feisty | Expressive | Helpful | Neutral | Problematic | Heathen | Strong | Doubtless | Happy-go-lucky | Magical
Independent | Rough | Flirty | Loving | Outgoing | Prankster 

Sunxie is a fire witch from the Diamonds Kingdom, who is a chaotic neutral. She seems to wander around and use her magic for either important matters for other people or for trivial stuff for her own entertainment, depends really on her day's mood.

"It gazes into the flame at the tip of its branch to achieve a focused state, which allows it to see into the future"

Sun-Xie's fire is extremely connected to her, she has managed to use it in a convo with her own magic. She's very skilled when it comes to said magic. Loves making pranks from time to time when she has free time, which is almost always. She tends to not focus on her flame anymore because she wants to discover what the future has for her by her own experience but has no problem seeing someone else's future.

"Using psychic power, it generates a fiery vortex of 5,400 degree Fahrenheit, incinerating foes swept into this whirl of flame."

Sun-Xie's phychic and fire powers are a litte stronger than the usual delphox, mostly because she has trained them all her life. Sometimes, when she was younger, she had boosts of power that she couldn't manage and harmed people when she didn't mean to. Nowadays she wouldn't hesitate to hurt someone if they were annoying her or if she didn't like them but she's truly a neutral fox, has a passive presence in this world yet it's really marked up.

 [ History ]

Sun-xie was born into a well-known family of oracles, as usual from the Diamonds kingdom, whose oracles weren't really lacking. Her parents wanted for her to be submissive and useful for richer families who wanted their own oracle, of course, this wasn't what Sun-Xie desired and she became a solitaire wanderer once she managed to control some of her psychic powers with the stick wand he was given by her grandmother.
Her adventures truly just started with the adquisition of said powers but she had control on what she wanted to do. At the age of 13, she became a Priest's apprentice, whose premonitions started being famous around the area they were in, which was on the skirts of the famous Diamond's University. Many great minds wrote about her but it was not enough for the fox, or maybe it was too much preassure for herself that she ended up quitting being the oracle priestess. 
Those were hard times, she was still a teen after all, didn't want to be tied to anything yet magic still called her to do something. Her skills weren't exactly because she was intelligent, but because she was practical, thus, she had to use her magic to survive, but once she found a stable ground where to rely on, it went uphill for her. She's autosuficient in current times, doesn't have worries as she comes and goes, sometimes puts a booth of Eureka for some fortune telling and tarot reading, sometimes likes to visits other kingdoms with another appearence, sometimes stays at home and reads her old witchcraft books she stole when she was still young, even helps some passerbys when the Ancestor's feast is happening. In some ways, she's also likes to learn from other witches and people that manage to find her personal placae to ask for favors. She is known as either the Diamond's sand or fire witch from the desert, maybe if you visit, she'll grant you a wish.

 [ Other ]
Mixed race of Greek and Chinese desccendant, her mother was a Delphox and his father a Musharna

 [ Relationship Status ] Taken by 
 [ Sexual Orientation ] Homoromantic Demisexual
 [ Preferred Place to RP ] Comments/Notes and Discord: triptocaine#0850

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