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Alrighty! Big news!

I'm on the Ghostbusters comic!

Right now, I'm doing anywhere between 2-7 pages of supplemental material in the back of the comics which will ONLY be appearing in the single issues, so all you trade-waiters -- I need you guys to be flexible here and help a brother out :) I'll also be providing variant covers as of #3, which I'm SUPER excited about and there's a possibility I'll be penciling a story somewhere down the track. I'm hoping I'll also be able to get a story of my own scripting in there (since it's what I trained to do), but either way, I'm crazy excited!

I'd also recommend folks check out the new TMNT comic at IDW! There's an extremely strong possibility I'll be coming in on that in the very near future, and the story IDW are weaving is REALLY exciting!

What else...? OH! I'm coloring a creator owned book I'm doing with :icongowdi: called "Six to the Head". I've written the script, which Josh is absolutely nailing with his amazing art (he also has a story in an incredible book called "Gaining Velocity" out next week), and I'm about to finish up my first page of colors as you read this!

What else...? I'm writing a Killeroo mini-series!

What else...? Oh yeah, my podcast about video games... kinda came to an abrupt end. I WILL BE BACK with something extremely cool in the very near future though!

That's all I can think of for the time being. Busy busy busy! Remember to hit up your local comic shops soon and ask them not only about Ghostbusters, but TMNT AND Gaining Velocity as well, as every single one of them is going to be well worth your time and money!
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congrats man, maybe you could end up working with Dapper Dan one of these days :) that's of my goals lol. the folks over at are gonna be stoked for you, keep up the good work!!