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Zeddemore, your honor...

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Very nice work, looks just like Ernie Hudson.
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Your art is so good!
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AKA the normal one! Love him!
If there's a steady paycheck in it...I'll believe anything you say.
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;-) He looks more purely heroic here.
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Nailed it! Love the blur too man :)
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The new movie version bombed in the theaters.  What they should have done was brought the original cast together (except Harold Ramos as he was gone) and passed the baton to the new characters.  Then the tie-in between old and new would gone over better.
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Didn't exactly bomb. Just didn't do as well as they'd hoped. Losing money isn't a bomb. A bombing is much worse than Ghostbusters posted.
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They didn't even make half of their budget.
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It took 128 mill. Then at least another 100 mill in the foreign market. It made 9 mill in the first three weeks of home release... It's been out for maybe 12 now? The budget was 144 mill, the marketing was 100 mill. Mathematically it's broken even.
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But not by much.
Excellent. Classic Ghostbusters.
Whoa. Who thought when that was released, anybody'd call it a classic? Well, maybe everyone who saw it in the theaters...
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You draw too fucking awesome man! Worship 
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