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Well, it's been a big long crazy ride. It's a little sad, because there are stories I'd've liked to have told and things I'd've liked to have drawn for the series, but this is the last thing I'm going to be doing for the Ghostbusters comics for the foreseeable future. The Tobin stories (like the one I wrote and drew for #8) have been tweaked and adjusted slightly, and I'm telling those over in my new book, Sebastian Hawks ([link], but that'll only happen with the support of you guys (yes, anyone from around the world can order a copy, it's NOT limited to Australia in spite of being based there, where I am right now).

I'm pretty sure the next thing you'll see from me, save some kind of dramatic upheaval, is Silent Hill. So please tell your comic shops to get that in. There's a slim chance I may end up doing some more TMNT work (art though, not writing unfortunately) and I'm hard at work making Exodus happen for next year.

Thanks for the support you guys. Hopefully some of you will see fit to follow me across to the other books.

Print available in my online store at [link]
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Okay, Slimer, let's not do something you're going to regret...