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The Real Ghostbusters #16 comic cover

My cover for the subscription variant of Ghostbusters #16, available to order soon from IDW and all good comic shops. 

Limited print is also available through my online store at the following link: tyrannosaurusjones.bigcartel.c…
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I would like to buy a print copy of this. Anyone know how?

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Really digging this one. :) Great job!
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Looks just like the show even has the right texture. 

Cool job. 
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your work?!
its awesome, its looks like the original drawing style.
i love the original real ghostbuster cartoons, all newer parts are trash.
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Without both Stay Puft and Slimer, the "Ghostbusters" franchise wouldn't have thrived like it does now.
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Looks amazing!
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Egon is always mad.
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Haha! This is so cool!! I love the Giant Marshmallow Man! Love 
Hello, again! Sorry, to let you know that the poster I ordered of this thru still hasn't arrived and I thought I let you know that it still hasn't arrived yet! We already had a note  chat about this previously a month or two back!
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I love how you've captured Peter's personality.   Everyone else is getting into whatever task they're supposed to be doing.  Peter in the meantime, is just hanging on for dear life and hoping he doesn't get killed.  Adorable!
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Love this one.
i ordered this picture a few months back thru and still haven't recieved word on when it'll be shipped out!? Let me know please and thank you good sir.
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Hmmm... As far as I'm aware they're all out there. I just got word the other day that a few had started arriving in New York and Vancouver, so I'm guessing it SHOULD be arriving your way sometime soon!
I still haven't gotten it my friend. Just so you know that I'm still waiting! :-)
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Hmm... It appears that it still hasn't reached the UK yet either... I'm gonna have to do some investigating when I get back home...!
Still haven't received the poster that I paid for thru! Just letting you know my friend.
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this picture gives me a geek boner
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Oh wow, this takes me back!!!
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:heart::heart::heart:Awesome work!:heart::heart::heart:

One of my all time favorite cartoons out there!  We have the 1980s Ghostbusters RPG by Westend Games which I pull a lot of ideas out of there for our group since no one in my group has seen the cartoon.  :)
Good ol childhood memories
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