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Slimer redux

By T-RexJones
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Was never really happy with the original for a few reasons, and with it popping up left right and centre I figured I'd tweak it a bit so it looked the way I wanted it to. Also, with the Spirit Guide project crashing and burning, the original kinda lost its purpose. Anyway, here's my favorite drawing of Slimer...

Limited prints of this are available in my online store (along with other art) at: [link]
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So want to hug him.
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Im reminded of the vermin problem poster for the old 88mph comic 

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I was always a big fan of Kurth's work on that run. If I ever got to write, I'd wanna write for him and Dan.
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It was a fun book wasn't it.  I hope IDW decides to rerelease it.
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Dude this is awesome.
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jmralls2001 General Artist
That looks great. :D
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Ha ha those grey gums.
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Slimer...is really difficult to nail down character-wise.

While your revamp of him is beautiful and extremely accomplished, he's missing that "vaguely irritating puppy" factor that makes him memorable. Not just in "The Real Ghostbusters," either: the original movie has that as well.

I know what's putting me off! His expression. I think if he were more obviously grinning mischievously, I'd respond better...Here, he looks a bit more like a leering, scowling, creepy old man.

Still, I give you an A+ for the excellent work you did. I just prefer to think of the ugly little spud as...ahem...the "life" of the party.
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HAHAH! I think you need to go through my work a bit more... You'll find I'm inclined to do this sort of thing to most creatures.

I see where you're coming from though, and thanks!
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Yes, I've browsed through almost all of them. I do like your work; just not sure about Slimer as a creepy old man, that's all.
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It pops out much better here. I am all for following along a concept/set of rules, but sometimes you just got to do it the way it should be done.
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Yup! That's pretty much what I figure these days!
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The redux looks fucking great.
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