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Ghostbusters 10 Cover B 'New Orleans'

By T-RexJones
This is the cover I've done for Ghostbusters #10, with colours by Luis Antonio Delgado, which follows on with the postcard theme started in #9 (and will continue through to #12). Not as reference heavy, but there are a few non-Ghostbusters references in there as well -- see if anyone can guess them!

Remember, Haunted America starts at #9 in May. I'll also be writing and drawing a 24 page story running through the four issues, so I really do encourage you all get down to your local shops or online retailers and get your orders in now. If Haunted America sells well, something VERY special will follow in October! ;)
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Oh wow! I actually had a semi-(not really)secret desire as a child to do comic book series of my own. I hope you have plenty of success in your endeavors!
The Ghostbusters vs Voodoo and zombies Im all on board.
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Ha, looks Janine's got a post card, too! Really rad covers.

1) Three Imps

2) Creature Magazine from "Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters" intro, read by Peter?

3) Doll's clothing based on Peter's ensemble from court scene in Ghostbusters II?

4) Ghost of Marie Laveau in the "W"?

5) Malachi from "Play Them Ragtime Boos" in the second "E"

6) Baron Samedi in the "A"

7) The building is the Hotel Boudreaux from "Play Them Ragtime Boos"?
T-RexJones's avatar
1) Yes
2) Yep
3) Nope
4) No, but good thinking... ;)
5) Yes
6) Yup
7) Yup!
sanshugroove's avatar
Okay 5/9 is good.

4) Dhalia, the priestess, from "Moaning Stones"?

The others in the letters look vaguely familiar like motifs in Mardi Gras but I can't place them. Are the other 3-4 references non-Ghostbusters?
T-RexJones's avatar
It's a slightly obscure, Non-Ghostbusters one. It's from a computer game. An old favourite of mine ;)
sanshugroove's avatar
I got nothing. So the last 4 references are non-Ghostbusters ones?
oldmanwinters's avatar
Wow, Tristan, you are really tempting me to start buying your cover variants instead of my usual Dan Schoening fare!
T-RexJones's avatar
You mean, you haven't bought any of mine yet...? Why not buy both and get someone else INTO the comics? Or just keep them for your own collection.
oldmanwinters's avatar
Ah, givin' me the ol' guilt trip, eh? :-)

I try to budget my comic collecting by limiting myself to one cover per title. Between the TMNT and Ghostbusters books, however, I do get tempted to splurge from time to time. Keep up the good work and I'll keep buying!
UltraMovieFan01's avatar
Each issue just gets better and better, original stories, original artwork, original everything with such and original idea of a a franchise! Great job Tristian, hope to see your GB comic come out soon ;)
T-RexJones's avatar
ChristianDiBari's avatar
Nice!! so much to look at but not cluttered, that's not an easy thing to pull off! good work, man!
T-RexJones's avatar
Oh, cheers man! I'm fucking paranoid it'll tip one way or another... The next one will be interesting because it has the least amount of stuff going into it... the final one however... *shudder*!

Been watching Jacob's Ladder again, keen to get your thoughts on that one! Surprised we hadn't actually brought it up in reference to "You Know What" yet!
ChristianDiBari's avatar
it looks awesome to me, man! and DUDE! that's on of my favorites!!! i got that on blu ray with Angel Heart, that's another one that has some AMAZING imagery, creepy, unsettling moments!
grimphantom's avatar
The only one if i'm not wrong the voodoo doll looks a bit like Dr. Philip K. Decker from Nightbreed.
T-RexJones's avatar
Well, you might NOT be wrong, but I haven't even seen Nightbreed (gasp!), so let's say you're right! ;)
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