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Exodus Book 1 cover

By T-RexJones
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Pretty happy with this. I wear my influences on my sleeve, but... eh!

Print available in my online store at www.redbubble.com/people/trexj…
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RavenCoronaProfessional General Artist
Creepy. I like it.
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I've never heard of this book, which is kind of too bad.
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DanieleAfferniProfessional Digital Artist
you Rock !!! 👍👍
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reverecheHobbyist Digital Artist
Tideland in space! :D
Jazon19's avatar
This is wicked tristan! He reminds me of a certain Horrorclix figurine!
innverted's avatar
ughhh i think this is my favorite picture ever, its so perfect
Duartwork's avatar
I don't know if is wierd or cute...I think it's both. Great picture.
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diseased-racoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Wicked artwork, man. Shall frame the one i bought at Supernova soon.
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CaptainDavyJonesHobbyist Writer

Tenebrosamente genial!!!
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ElfavzlaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing, demasiado bueno : )
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SteelpenguProfessional Digital Artist
I actually just saw that incredible Alien poster you did, with the facehugger reflected in the visor! That is an awesome piece, man. Very well designed and executed. You're really a terrific horror artist.
T-RexJones's avatar
Thank you! Where did you see that, here?
Steelpengu's avatar
SteelpenguProfessional Digital Artist
[link] I saw it on the Best Art Ever article at Comics Aliance. I was checking it out because my pal Ross is on there.
T-RexJones's avatar
As in Ross Campbell?
Steelpengu's avatar
SteelpenguProfessional Digital Artist
Yep. That Ross.
KreepingSpawn's avatar
KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
Unspeakably creepy. ;p
ChristianDiBari's avatar
ChristianDiBariProfessional Traditional Artist
Pretty excellent stuff right there, dude!
T-RexJones's avatar
Oh, shit, cheers man! I have loose ideas for others but all in good time.
Haru-chii's avatar
I'm going to have to check this out, if only to see why they have astronaut robot-corpses.
T-RexJones's avatar
I would hope you would! It's hard convincing other Ghostbusters fans to check out something of your own once you've left a property like that. :(
Haru-chii's avatar
I've only read one Ghostbusters comic, so I can't say I'm that attached.
T-RexJones's avatar
Okay, you're good then ;)
Haru-chii's avatar
Glad to hear that.
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