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Alien repro poster

My take on a poster for my favorite film. Colours by Luis Antonio Delgado with some touch ups by me!
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10/10 would watch again if it was advertised with this image in the front :)
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Woah, so fucking good!
Love the colors
OMG found this through pinterest, IS there a poster-resolution version floating around? I'd love this on my wall! -also, this is awesome and you should feel awesome
OxisAnathema's avatar
This is awesome. Incredible work.
warrior1944's avatar
That is one amazing poster, you nailed that scene and its so perfect :D
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
Awesome idea! Fox should go back in time and hire you to do the poster. XD
VMJML1er's avatar
Where is head, it melted? !!
This KANG form
the Ninja Turtle  !!
Rekrelle's avatar
excellent work there :)
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Looks very good ^_^
First of all, fantastic work! Love this poster. I see you can't sell it, but would it be possible to maybe get one for free in a poster-size resolution? I really want it on my wall:) Please! My email is:
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My god this is gonna be a Daily Deviation, it's so gorgeous the work
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Hey thanks man!
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I found this through Comics Alliance.  Impressive.
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Thank you! Glad you like it!
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Take a look at this
ballisticCow's avatar
fantastic poster! The attention to detail is amazing.
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Great image, very bizarre, keep it on ;-)
mbristolart's avatar
Fantastic. How do I purchase one?
T-RexJones's avatar
You can't unfortunately :P You'd have to make noise about it (Fox is watching, that's how I know I can't sell it) ;)
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