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[Updated] Stepris v1.3 for Rainmeter

Updated to Version 1.3 (31-01-2015)

Name: Stepris Skin Suite
Version: 1.3

- A flat-designed taskbar having start button, music player and battery indicator
- A visualizer with progress bar
- 12 hour Clock and date widgets
- Launchers for applications
- App name pop-out on top of the desktop
- Custom user-friendly configuration (right click on any skin -> Stepris Config)
- Changeable colors
- Supports all major media players

1.3 (Jan 31, 2015)
- Added extended panels of battery and performance
- Added window switcher
- Added launchers
 (spotify, after effects, acrobat reader, paint tool sai, illustrator, cinema 4d, roblox studio)
- Visualization bar height increased

1.2 (Jan 14, 2015)
- Added user profile
- Added sticky notes
- Added launchers
 (explorer, videos, musics, viber, skype, steam, paint, origin, opera, notepad, musics, itunes, internet explorer, games, firefox, downloads and documents)
- Full-screen visualization fixed

1.1 (Jan 8, 2015)
- Full-screen visualizer and progressbar fixed
- Added visualizer sensitivity configuration in Stepris Config
 (Increase the value to let the visualizer responding to more silent sounds, or decrease it to act on louder sounds only)
 (Default value: 50)
- Added 7 launchers
 (word, excel, outlook, powerpoint, fl studio, windows live and task manager)
- Layout fixed

1.0 (Jan 7, 2015)
- First release

- Rainmeter 3.2

UI Design: Inspired from Red Stripes by Viveks in
Clock, Date, Taskbar, Launchers, Player, Hover Info: T-Projects
Visualizer: T-Projects (modified skin), MarcoPixel (original skin - Monstercat Visualizer)
Font: ITC Avant Garde Pro
Icon for media controls: Themer Media Icons
Config: FediaFedia
Wallpaper: Sorry i can't remember the site name from where i downloaded the wallpaper

- After installing the skin suite, right click on any Stepris skin and click Stepris Config to change the settings
- If you want any app launcher, please comment the app name
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I'd like to get an app launcher for (1) sound settings and (2) sound mixer.

(I can't even figure out what the path is for either of these in Windows 10.)

Btw, many thx for including a launcher for rainmeter! Extremely useful (and seemingly rare).

Hi there!

I'm trying to change the Player Controls background, to no avail (newbie here). Can anyone help a sister out? (Preferably transparent background). Thanks!

blaxistr's avatar

laneet olsun adamım harika

Anyone know how to get spotify to the player?

Go To Stepris Config, Then Choose Player, Write


how do you input your photo?

Can't get it to download into rainmeter help please

awesome, love the red texture

RonIshii's avatar

how to change user profile image?

how to edit launchers path to open a launcher

very good, thanks

Very high cpu usage

Nvm turn on hardware acceleration and problem solved

How do i change the color of the Visualizer? the config only changes the bar.

Excellent, thanks...

good class

Can you add the Dopamine Music Player app launcher?

Excellent, thanks...

Mathafcckaz's avatar

my user profile pic does not appear... can you please help me on this?

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