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[Updated] Stepris v1.3 for Rainmeter


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Updated to Version 1.3 (31-01-2015)

Name: Stepris Skin Suite
Version: 1.3

- A flat-designed taskbar having start button, music player and battery indicator
- A visualizer with progress bar
- 12 hour Clock and date widgets
- Launchers for applications
- App name pop-out on top of the desktop
- Custom user-friendly configuration (right click on any skin -> Stepris Config)
- Changeable colors
- Supports all major media players

1.3 (Jan 31, 2015)
- Added extended panels of battery and performance
- Added window switcher
- Added launchers
 (spotify, after effects, acrobat reader, paint tool sai, illustrator, cinema 4d, roblox studio)
- Visualization bar height increased

1.2 (Jan 14, 2015)
- Added user profile
- Added sticky notes
- Added launchers
 (explorer, videos, musics, viber, skype, steam, paint, origin, opera, notepad, musics, itunes, internet explorer, games, firefox, downloads and documents)
- Full-screen visualization fixed

1.1 (Jan 8, 2015)
- Full-screen visualizer and progressbar fixed
- Added visualizer sensitivity configuration in Stepris Config
 (Increase the value to let the visualizer responding to more silent sounds, or decrease it to act on louder sounds only)
 (Default value: 50)
- Added 7 launchers
 (word, excel, outlook, powerpoint, fl studio, windows live and task manager)
- Layout fixed

1.0 (Jan 7, 2015)
- First release

- Rainmeter 3.2

UI Design: Inspired from Red Stripes by Viveks in www.mycolorscreen.com
Clock, Date, Taskbar, Launchers, Player, Hover Info: T-Projects
Visualizer: T-Projects (modified skin), MarcoPixel (original skin - Monstercat Visualizer)
Font: ITC Avant Garde Pro
Icon for media controls: Themer Media Icons
Config: FediaFedia
Wallpaper: Sorry i can't remember the site name from where i downloaded the wallpaper

- After installing the skin suite, right click on any Stepris skin and click Stepris Config to change the settings
- If you want any app launcher, please comment the app name
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