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Published: July 29, 2010
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Velociraptor mongoliensis. Pencil, 2010.

Reference: :iconshartman: 's [link]
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TherosaurHobbyist General Artist
Един от любимите ми динозаври.
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На мен също.
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guilmon182Hobbyist Traditional Artist
And here- DAMMIT!!!!
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Pyroraptor88Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol! My favorite dinosaurs: Velociraptor. The details of the feet and claws are you succeeded perfectly!
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TomozaurusStudent General Artist
The basic anatomy is very, very good. The feathering isn't really what you'd expect on such a small dromaeosaur. This style might be acceptable for Utahraptor or Achillobataar, probably not Velociraptor though.
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Thank you!

Would you like to elaborate? I suppose you think that Velociraptor should have bigger and more complex feathers similar to the feathers seen on birds with the same size.
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TomozaurusStudent General Artist
Certainly. Most notably, you seem to have coated his body with a thin layer of Sinosauropteryx-like proto-fuzz. Dromaeosaurids, such as Microraptor and Sinornithosaurus seem to show a thicker layer of fluffy down-like feathers. Also, the layering structure of your wing feathers isn't quite right, and they would probably be considerably longer. Leg feathers also seem to be the norm for Dromaeosaurids, not the exception, but you don't necessarily need to include them.

You can have a look at my Saurornitholestes as a guide to at least what I think is more likely, if you'd like: [link]

Hope I could help :)
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ChickenzaurHobbyist Traditional Artist
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ADigitalArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome. :D Love the fuzzies.
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BrokenMachine86Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn, what a beautiful Velociraptor! outstanding pencil work, as allways.
This only reminds me I should update mine... but I'm busy now =P
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Thank you Heraldo!

If I remember correct your reconstruction was fine except that the feathers didn't extend to top of the 2nd finger. I can't wait to see it updated when you get some free time.
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BrokenMachine86Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have free time, but I'm using it for illustrations on Tolkien.
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Ema.. Euman.. Uuuh... FAVORITED! :meow:
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Thanks for the fave!
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EWilloughbyProfessional General Artist
Wonderful little series you've got here! Naturally, this is one of my favorites. :)
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Thank you very much! This one is my favorite too. :)
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SageKorppiHobbyist General Artist
I adore the way you did the feet!
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Thanks! I've always liked to draw dromaeosaurid's feet.Retractable claws are so much fun to draw.
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It's eumaniraptor time! That means mass favorites!
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Mass favorites? Sounds cool. Joking aside, but this deviation hit 50 faves way faster than my other artworks. I guess it's because Velociraptor is so famous thanks to "Jurassic Park".
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