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Utahraptor concept art

Multi-view concept art of Utahraptor ostrommaysorum showing both the modern up-to-date feathered reconstruction of deinonychosaurs, and the outdated scaly depiction from the 80's and early 90's. This art was commissioned back in April (for various reason it wasn't uploaded earlier) as base for futher work on little sculptures/models that were going to be used for non-commercial board game project. Due to some unfortunate events I don't think this will happen anytime soon, if happening at all.

This work is based on skeletal drawing by Scott Hartman :iconscotthartman: -… ; but since there is new, still unpublished fossil material that changes what we thought we know about this animal, I had to make few shots in the dark in attempt to make my work a-bit-less-inaccurate even though I have no idea how the yet-to-be-published info will change the general appearance of Utahraptor. So, I went with my idea of what's strange for dromaeosaurids and gave my Utahraptor slightly shorter torso and more robust look in general. Most probably this will be proven unwise once the new information is published, but all I can do is wait and see how this will turn out.

Oh, and regarding the outdated scaly interpretation here, please think twice before post in the comments things like "it looks cooler than the feathered one", "feathers make Utahraptor look stupid", "scaly dinosaurs FTW", etc. because I've become really intolerant to this kind of stuff, even if it's only opinion coming from JP-fanboys, or not scientifically inclined persons. Comments like the ones mentioned above will be either ignored, hiden, or reported as spam depending on their content. I just don't want the comment section to get filled with pointless "anti-feathered" posts with little to no relevance to the real animal. Thanks! Of course comments regarding the artistic quality of the drawing, as well as any sort of constructive criticism are welcomed.

Medium: Pencil (2B and 5B)
Done: 2013
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My comment won't be very original, but nonetheless.

Great drawing. I like both reconstructions and it was a great opportunity to show the "evolution" of our ideas about dinosaurs on the example of a specific form. I'm glad scaly Utahraptor is really scaly because frequent assertion that the "raptors" from "Jurassic Park" are scaly does not meet reality, if you look at their skin. Here the animal meets its description. As for the feathered, the only detail I don't really like is the plumage of the head, but those words of mine don't matter until the feather prints are found. :) (Smile) 
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To be totally honest, I think I'm lucky to be born after JP came out. I I could grow up with feathered dinosaurs, not scaly ones. Those disgust me.
chinmoy808's avatar
That scaled abomination is not Utahraptor! That's Popculturedijuraparkus fuckerus!
chinmoy808's avatar
Can you do this again, but with Willoughby's alternate wing posture?
Kosmotiel's avatar
Oh this really helps understand the positioning of the arm/wing! I always find it quite confusing and tricky to get my head around, but this especially with the non-feathered version makes much more clear.

Honestly speaking, the animal looks so much more believable as a living creature with feathers. It just doesn't look... real or rather, complete without them. 
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I really like this tail fan design a lot. 
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I like the both utahraptors version and great art anyway.
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Now that Scott Hartman has revealed what the unpublished material is will you draw a new Utahraptor?
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The new material is not really revealed, this will happen when the paper dealing with this new material comes out. As for your question, at this point I have no intentions of drawing Utahraptor.
Yutyrannus's avatar
I know it isn't exactly revealed but we do know what it is for the most part. It's too bad you don't intend to draw Utahraptor, that would be awesome, but I still can't wait to see more of your drawings :).
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Now why would people say that feathers on raptors make them look stupid?If anything,scaly raptors look quite boring and plain to look at.I personally prefer them feathered than scaly.
T-PEKC's avatar
Many reasons why people say feathered raptors look stupid, however none of them make any sense. Plus all such reasons ignore fossil evidence. In the end it's not a matter of preference, but of evidence and whether the person likes real dinosaurs, or some fixed and now showed to be wrong idea of what these animals looked like.
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I think feathered raptors (if done right) look noble like an eagle. The scaly raptors just look plain weird.
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I'm surprised it has scaly skin,rather than leathery skin that's been shown dominantly for the past 20 years(mostly thanks to JP).
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Wow, those front and rear view drawings are most impressive. :) (Well, all of them are impressive but those angles are always so hard to get to look right!)
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Awesome work on both raptors. :)
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Great work as always ;) . Did you send it to Prehistoric Times for their previous artwork deadline?
T-PEKC's avatar
Thank you man! :)

No, I didn't send it to PT's for their Utahraptor issue. Completely forgot about it, but even if I wasn't, it's still not the right kind of artwork for the magazine in my opinion. Haven't sent artwork to PT in ages, but will probably do something for next year's issues. Will see.
Smnt2000's avatar
Ok, good to know ;)
SpinoInWonderland's avatar
Really good! I say that the feathered one is much cooler.
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