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Tupandactylus imperator

Tupandactylus imperator scavenges dead animal. I don't know if pterosaurs were scavengers but I think it's an interesting idea and not entirely impossible. Pencil, 2008.
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Looking at this work and previous one, I thought you quite quickly changed your mind about the integument of pterosaurs. :) (Smile) 
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VERY NICE JOB!!!:) (Smile) 
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Holy shit, that is AWESOME!!! :jawdrop:
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Seriously weird looking! Coming from me, that's a compliment! :clap:
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Yer welcome! Now feed them Stupendactyluses so they won't come around begging for food!!!!! Messy beasties!
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I've missed a lot in the last 10 years... I haven't even heard of this dinosaur :stupidme:
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Actually this animal is not a dinosaur but pterosaur. Pterosaurs are separate group of animals though they are most closely related to dinosaurs.

If you have watched "Walking With Dinosaurs" or other paleo-documentaries then you may have heard of this pterosaur. Few years ago this species was known as Tapejara imperator but it got renamed and separated in its own genus Tupandactylus.
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You're too good...
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Well, a scavenger behavior seems unlikely for this particular pterosaur... But it's a great pic, anyways.
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Considering that Tapejara was a poorly flier, had strong claws and a weak bite, it was more likely frugivorous than a scavenger. Still, MUCH BETTER than a seabird pterosaur :D
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like the digitigrade stance in the back legs
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Why Tupandactylus whereas it is Tapejara imperator? :?
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Tapejara imperator was renamed to Tupandactylus imperator. Now the only valid Tapejara species is T. wellnhoferi.
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most beaked animals by the sea seem to enjoy some rotten meat now and then, i think its entirely possible

very good picture

the beach looks believable, which is very difficult in works w pencil
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Thank you for the comment. :)
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