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The Last Fall

"The Last Fall"

An unfortunate individual of the aetosaurian species Stagonolepis robertsoni is falling to its death, while a nearby passing Ornithosuchus woodwardi is suddenly offered a free lunch. In nature, in great many occasions, someone's loss and pain is someone else's gain. 

The scene takes place during the Late Triassic in what is now Scotland.

Medium: Watercolours and acrylics.
Done: 2017.
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The scale details on stagonalops is absolutely gorgeous, I absolutely love all the moody colors in this piece it reminds me of a nice cloudy morning.
SusuSketches's avatar
Great, I really adore those detailed dinosaur- book illustrations since I was little
Keep it up!
T-PEKC's avatar
Me too! Thanks for the comment!
SusuSketches's avatar
You´re welcome :>
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Heytomemeimhome's avatar
Eh that fall doesn't look immediately leathatl if it shifts it's mass slightly but then again it's still cornered so ehh.
Zippo4k's avatar
Wild. What was the inspiration for this?
T-PEKC's avatar
The inspiration were severe artistic problems and bad mood/state of mind in general. I wanted to make an artwork featuring something that is a bit unusual and somewhat dark.
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Ah, I wasn't sure if remains of such an event had been found or not. Bizarre moralities are always an interesting avenue for natural history illustration. Sauropods getting their heads stuck in trees or other odd places, ceratopsians getting their heads stuck together or on vegetation, animals (fish especially) choking on prey too big, animals falling into caves, animals which perished while exploring high altitudes (lowland leopards have been found mummified on Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya), animals which have fallen into bogs, through ice, stuck on beaches of mud or soft sand only to drown at high tide. Those sorts of strange and relatively rare phenomena.
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Aren't these unfortunate incidents mostly what cause fossilization in the first place?
Dontknowwhattodraw94's avatar
Or was it pushed?

Nice work as usual! Love those colours on the Stagonolepis, haven't seen such a colour pattern before yet. All the rest looks beautiful too of course :)
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Maybe it was pushed. Maybe it slipped, or there was rock slide. Or maybe even it was a suicidal move. I wanted people to imagine what must have had happened to have that Stagonolepis taking a dive to its death.

Thank you! I tried to use what I considered more unusual combination of colors for an aetosaurian reconstruction.
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Awesome details, as always. :heart:
T-PEKC's avatar
T-PEKC's avatar
Depends on the point of view, I suppose. That Ornithosuchus doesn't seem to be particularly sad about the free food it is getting.
AnonymousLlama428's avatar
But the Stagonolepis is so fat
Flameal15k's avatar
Whelp, the world has certainly gone upside down.
T-PEKC's avatar
At least for some individuals, yes, it has!
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"Huh. Would'ja look at that..."
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I love how they make eye contact in his last moments.
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