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Sinraptor dongi and Kryptodrakon progenitor



Sinraptor dongi is distracted by some flying nearby Kryptodrakon progenitor, while walking on its way along the forest line.

The reconstruction of Kryptodrakon is speculative due to the fragmentary nature of the fossil and lack of cranial remains. To avoid confusion and annoying comments by "I-know-it-all-because-I-saw-it-in-YouTube-video-or-read-it-on-a-news-site-and-also-because-Jurassic-Park-is-sacred-thing-to-me" persons, I need to explicitly note that the protofeathers (or the simple filamentous integumentary structures, if you prefer), covering parts of Sinraptor's body, are hypothetical. The decision to add filaments is reflecting my views on the evolution of dinosaurian non-scaly integument, which are in support of the hypothesis that filamentous integumentary structures are ancestral to Dinosauria (and even to Ornithodira).

Medium: Acrylics on cardboard.
Done: 2015
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After a couple of years after you painted it, your work still looks great! :) (Smile)  I'm not a big fan of the lipped theropods, but your reconstructions show them to be very beautiful and natural! And protofeathers are wonderful. It would be interesting to look at Sinraptor on the side, to understand the distribution of filamentous structures.

I wanted to write this for a long time, but... duh-huh...