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Sauroposeidon proteles

Sauroposeidon proteles. Watercolors, 2009.

This image is very speculative. It's based on Steveoc86's Sauroposeidon Scale Diagram.
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Would it be okay if I your picture in one of my Youtube - would use videos, you would then link in the description and your Deviantart - would call account?
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First, before I give any permission, please tell me what kind of video this is going to be?
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An information video about Sauroposeidon.
T-PEKC's avatar
Ok. I give you permission to use the image. Please credit me as Vladimir Nikolov in the video.
PeteriDish's avatar
giraffa camelopardalis! =D not only the general shape, even the color scheme! so refreshing after all those grey sauropods! =D
Thewhiningrhino's avatar
Spectacular in every way. The colors are very pleasing, and it's good to see at least two feet are off the ground.
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Wonderful work! Lovely colors!
ZombieSaurian's avatar
such a less known animal, yet awesome at the same time, you really did a great job on this Beaut. colors are cool.
Steveoc86's avatar
Great colours! Thanks for the credit! I wish more of this creature was known, have you read the recent Sv Pow post?
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Well, when I'm using more specific references I always try to give a credit, so there is not really need to say "thanks". It's your right to expect being credited. ;)

No, I haven't read it. Could you give me a link to it please? Thanks in advance.
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Thanks a lot! :)
EmperorDinobot's avatar
I can actually imagine an animal like this.
guilmon182's avatar
And here's how Sauroposeidon would look in JP!
hyphenatedsuperhero's avatar
Great! Nice giraffe-like color scheme!
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