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Pegomastax africanus



Reconstruction of the described last month heterodontosaurid Pegomastax africanus. It lived in South Africa, during the Early Jurassic epoch. The configuration and distribution of integumentary structures is speculative.

The holotype of this animal is a partialy preserved lower jaw. The rest of the animal was reconstructed as it follows: skull is based on that of it's close relative Manidens condorensis; body - after Tianyulong confuciusi and Heterodontosaurus tucki.

This is my second drawing for the ongoing collaborative project at Hell Creek's forum - [link] .

Sereno, P. 2012. Taxonomy, morphology, masticatory function and phylogeny of heterodontosaurid dinosaurs.- ZooKeys, 226, 1-225.
Skeletal drawing of Tianyulong confuciusi by :icondinomaniac: - [link]
Skeletal drawing of Heterodontosaurus tucki by Gregory S. Paul.
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I like this drawing!