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Ornithomimus edmontonicus



A pair of "Ornithomimus" edmontonicus during some kind of mating dance or courtship.

I know what most of you are thinking, but I'm not jumping on the feathered ornitomimosaurs bandwagon for the sole purpose of it. This drawing is part of an ongoing project at the paleoforum Hell Creek. For more information visit this link - [link] .

I know there is ongoing debate whether this ornithomimosaur should be refered to the genus Ornithomimus, or it's better to be assigned to it's own genus Dromiceiomimus, which I don't follow, so I really cannot take any side. That's why I went with the classification used by the author of the paper about feathered ornithomimids.

Reference: skeletal drawing of Ornithomimus edmontonicus by Gregory S. Paul.

Media: Pencil (2B, 5B) on yellow paper
Done: 2012
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Sweet! Ornithomimus in JP!