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Omeisaurus tianfuensis

Omeisaurus tianfuensis. Ink, 2008.
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I've always imagined it with a club.
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Probably because it was thought to had a club. ;)
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One of the scarcely-drawn sauropods!
The details you gave to it (and the previous sauropod) are outstanding. Paticularly, I'm impressed with the shadows you obtained, principally on the head of the animal.
As in the previous, I have to criticize a small thing.
Distorted perspectives in sauropods are very nice to draw, since their anatomy "easily" supports that. And I mean "easily" and not easily since it is very difficult to obtain perfect results doing it. In my experience, I wasn't able to obtain a good distorted perspective of these creatures (or any other, I must say). In this case, the fact that you gave a similar width to all the neck makes it look strange. Maybe, since the animal is look from the back (as a pterosaur may have looked it in the past) you should hide the parts of the animal that are in the bottom of it. I try to say that the bottom part of the neck should gradually dissapear from our vision, particularly in the region near to the head. Maybe would be helpful to draw the head in another perspective, showing the upper part of it. In this case, it looks like if it were laterally oriented. Maybe you can add a background or the shadow of the animal on the ground, to direct the eyes of the viewer to your desired interpretation.
Sorry for the critic. I wouldn't do them if I didn't knew that you can do that and obtain tremendous results (and you also encouraged critic). Again, I could'nt obtain a good result doing this perspectives, thus is only an observation. I look after your new artwork!

p.s. I'm not sure about this, but Omeisaurus is generally portrayed with a bone club in the end of the tail... maybe is an arctifac!
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Thank you very much for the long post! You're totally right about everything. :)

As for the bone club, the wikipedia article says that the scientists think it belongs to Shunosaurus and not Omeisaurus.
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'Omeisaurus' tianfuensis. This dinosaur really is freaky.
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I know, he's like "I can haz cervicals?"
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Why didn't I think of that...nomnomnom...
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I always loved this sauropod. but my fav. is diplo.
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man, those Chinese sauropods love to stick their necks out. Literally.
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I love the perspective on this! Brilliant! :) Thanks for fav my mamenchisaurus!
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Thanks and no problem! I'm always happy to see some new paleoart from you. :)
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And here's how Omeisaurus would look in JP!
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