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Olorotitan arharensis

Olorotitan arharensis. Ink, 2008.
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i m an big fan of this dinosaurs ,they are so beautiful *-* Would be really cool when you draw more of them
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wow..that is new dinosaur for me...wery good
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look at that head crest! Looks like someone is trying to pull a Tapejara rip off!
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Yeah. If you're asking me I think Tapejara should had copyrighted its crest. :lol:
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Now, tell me if I get redundant. And here's what Olorotitan would look like in JP.
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awesome iv not seen that dino before :)
HellraptorStudios's avatar
great detailing with the scales.
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I want to... Kill it... *struggles not to pounce on it*

Well it seems perfectly real looking to me. Perfect job ;)

So perfectly real that I want, so badly, to run at it and make it suffer. :stab:
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WOW! That's the first time you give me 10/10. :lol: Thanks! ;)

BTW, I really can't understand why you want to kill everything that moves. :lol:
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I think I just don't like herbivores :D
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if that were a replica, it would balance perfectly.
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Really nice! ^^ Just love all the detail that goes into these :D
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