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Jurassic Portugal

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Published: March 27, 2009
Torvosaurus sp., Lourinhanosaurus antunesi and Lusotitan atalaiensis. Watercolours, 2009.

This is my second artwork made for DIIC 2009. This time I choosed typical topic seen in many dino artworks. Roaring meateating dinosaurs with big teeth, dead dinosaurs and sauropods in the background. It's pretty original, isn't it? lol.
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The Torvosaurus right now is now called Torvosaurus gurneyi!
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The portuguese Torvosaurus got separated in its own species last week, but it is not like the North American Torvosaurus tanneri is not valid anymore. So, no, Torvosaurus is not called Torvosaurus gurneyi right now, only the portoguese species got have this name.
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TarbosaurusBatarHobbyist General Artist
The coloring is wonderful.
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As a portuguese, I'm so glad to see that picture
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FredtheDinosaurmanStudent General Artist
Awesome! For some reason every time I see this piece, I think, "Torvosaurus was an ass kicker in Portugal, but in America, his butt was being kicked" XD
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My cuntry in the jurassic is awesome
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Sniper0092Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay, Torvosaurus is cool.
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delmagni-momentisHobbyist General Artist
As Portuguese, I thank you for this wonderfull piece of art. Thank you men :D
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You're welcome. Portuguese dinosaurs are awesome! :)
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delmagni-momentisHobbyist General Artist
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
Very nice
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Paleo-KingProfessional Traditional Artist
Great stuff! This could be in a book!

I don't like watercolor at all, it's a very hard medium to work with, so I applaud your skill.
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Thank you very much!

I find watercolors for hard media too but I still prefer it among the others.
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Thats really well drawn, congrats!

I love dinossaurs and it`s also good to see the ones that were here before me(i`m portuguese yay).

I`m faving this ;)
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ZombieSaurianStudent Digital Artist
i'm jealous :lol:
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Why? I don't think there is a reason to be jealous. :)
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ZombieSaurianStudent Digital Artist
I was kidding :) but What kind of watercolors do you use...from a big kit?
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TheArchosaurQueenHobbyist Digital Artist
Its very beautiful, and I really love the Torvosaurus and the pair of Lourinhanosaurus :).
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guilmon182Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*angelic choir fades into Metallica*
I must say, this is one of your best. Oh, and this is how Torvosaurus, Lourinhanosaurus, and Lusotitan would look in JP!!
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