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Isisaurus colberti

Isisaurus colberti. Pencil, 2010.

Reference: :iconztwarmstrong: 's skeletal drawing of Isisaurus -> [link]
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And here's how an Isisaurus would look in Jurassic Park.
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the new version! where did that one kid go anyways?
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Yeah, it's the new version.

If you're asking about ztwarmstrong then I've no idea where did he go or what happened to him. One day he just disappeared.
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I don't know. I'm not subscribed to DML.
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Ha! neither am I! ?Not anymore at least.
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wow cool!!!!!!!! im crap at sauropods you have come a long way from your drawings on JPlegacy
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Don't worry about "faving-and-running", I do that myself occasionally.
I've been having these ideas coming and going lately. I was thinking of adding Isisaurus in the background of some scene. To be honest I always imagined the Isisaurus to appear little more bulkier in the (shorter) neck than the one on your work. Do you think the "traditional" reconstructions are actually depicting a juvenile, or sub-adult and the neck would grow into more familiar sauropod-poprotion later?
I enjoy watching the effort you see for your works; muscle anatomy, skin, tiny details and still they remain interesting and original, and not monotonous copies of eachother. Keep up the good work!
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dude, this is awesome!
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Pretty cool. I like the skin texture, but it's feet look kind of sloppy. Also is it walking on fists on it's front feet?
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Thank you! :)

Although :iconsphenacodon: already explain it to you I want to add my comment. The ichnofossils (marks from the activity of the real animals) of sauropod dinosaurs show that these animals had feet with horseshoe form without expressed fingers. The analysis say that sauropods had only one claw on their forefeet, the thumb claw. Even if there were remaining phalanges they were covered with flesh. So if you see a drawing of a sauropod showing its forfeet with more than just one claw and three or more "fingers" you have to know that this drawing is just wrong from anatomic point of view.
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Titanosaurs lost all the phalanges of their hands (possibly including the thumb claw), leaving only the metacarpals. So, yes, they were knuckle-walkers. :)
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