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Gastornis. Tempera, 2008.

Not one of my best works if you're asking me.
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Мен ми харесва.Доста по-живо изглежда от другите ти неща.
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Може и така да е, на мен ми е трудно да преценя защото аз съм го рисувал, но откъм анатомични пропорции и оперяване е доста зле.
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i am asking because i dont know this dinosaur (birds are dinosaurus. isnt the head too big for the body
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The head is fine just the neck is too long.
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ok i'm sorry i didn't mean to offend you
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Don't worry, no offend taken. :)
Nice job! I've always liked these birds. Is the head too large, though? I'm not certain; they had very big skulls in general, I know...
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I love it but I think I found why you don't consider it one of your best works. I am going to guess the head. The head is well drawn but I know this bird and about 99% of all other dinosaurs like the back of my hand and the head just looks a bit out of proportion. Though my hypothosis is blown out of the water if this is a baby thus explaining why his proportions are off since baby birds, mammals, and most advanced dinosaurs (includeing birds) all share dispropartional babies.
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Well, Gastornis has pretty big head actually. But the true reason for you to think that the head is out of proportion is because of the perspective. The bird is in 3/4 view and that means its head is closer to the viewer. The closer objects look bigger than the others that stay far from the viewer.
I don't consider this work for one of my best because I'm not happy with what I've done with it. I think I could had done better work with the details and the enviroment.
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great one, i have also made a gastornis myself
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Yes, I saw it. Good work. ;)
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its great...good work ;)
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Ooo, yeah, I have read about those things, could snap your spine with its massive beak :D
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And here's what...nah, nevermind...
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Don't discredit your work on this one too much, I think that it is a very well detailed accurate depiction of this Phororachoidea.
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Thank you.

BTW, Gastornis is not Phororachoid.
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Really? I thought all such birds were Phororachoids. Well pardon my ignorance on the topic. I'm really more into Dinosaurs and prehistoic reptiles than birds but I love all things paleontoligical. Keep up the good work.
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Don't worry. Before I start working on this painting I also thought that Gastornis is phorusrhacid (that's the right spelling I think). Then I looked for more info about this bird and found that actually it's Gastornithidae (Galloanserae super order). Pretty confusing, isn't it. :)
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Phororachoids are restricted to South America right?
And Diatryma is a much beter name for this terror bird!
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