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Brachiosaurus brancai. Ink, 2009.

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DgyliaHobbyist General Artist
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good to see a traditional brachio.
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Paleo-KingProfessional Traditional Artist
Wow nice stippling work! Almost Bakkerian in its detail.

The neck is very impressive and almost seems a bit too long, but I like that....(though I'd do it more vertical)... I'm almost scared to see what your Sauroposeidon will look like!
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Thank you!

Before I even know about Todd Marshall and Raul Martin, Bakker's works were my inspiration. His drawings deeply influenced me and my style for an years.

The neck is a little bit longer than it should be.

If you wait for a few weeks you'll see and Sauroposeidon. :)
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Paleo-KingProfessional Traditional Artist
I can see the posture is a lot like Raul Martin's Brachiosaurus (only less gloomy). I always tried to draw like Bakker in the beginning (before I was 10, Dinosaur Heresies was already my favorite book), but pen was always hard to work with and I found Gregory Paul's style a lot more realistic and easier to learn from. With Bakker's style, the devil is in the wrinkles....

As for Todd Marshall.... I can't say the same for his work, it's more like World of Warcraft than real science. His work just doesn't have the same sense of realism - it's too extreme and hasty with proportions and movement (whereas Raul Martin's is almost a bit TOO conservative). Plus every dinosaur Marshall paints as a ridiculous amount of "caterpillar spikes" and other assorted warts and greebles all over it - which totally contradicts everything that's known about dinosaur skin impressions. Especially predators that SHOULD be more streamlined.... all those "thorns" would get caught up in dense forest.

I prefer Greg Paul's work to most of the others, but Larry Felder and Wayne D. Barlowe are even better in terms of near-photographic detail.
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guilmon182Hobbyist Traditional Artist
And here's h-wait...CRAP!!
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ZombieSaurianStudent Digital Artist
this is wonderful, though I got to agree with Dr.Dino on JPL on this, overall great job.
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I have to agree with him too. :lol: I don't know why when Brachiosaurus is ne of my most favorite dinosaurs it's so difficult to get its proportion rigth. There is always something that I get wrong. That means I'll continue to draw this animal until I draw it right. :)
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