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Alioramus remotus

Drawing of Alioramus remotus.

Medium: Ink
Done: 2013

1. Skeletal reconstruction of the skull of Alioramus remotus by ~Olorotitan -…
2. Skeletal drawing of Alioramus -…
3. The 3D model of Tyrannosaurus rex by =ChrisMasna -… (referenced for general posture and perspective)
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Vulture like, I dig
fataFivena's avatar
Great!! Wont to see them in action!...  THANK You )
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Classy ;)

And yet a part of me thinks that maybe those lil' horns on his nose, when he was alive, looked quite different than we'd usually imagine... Mmh, but what would they look like then?
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Awesome work!  I love the way you draw the legs--you can really get a feel for the underlying anatomy and a sense of weight! 
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My new favorite depiction of Alioramus ever ! :D I really like this perspective. It geaves this animal some volume. Really great progression ! :D
T-PEKC's avatar

Thank you man! 

The perspective worked relatively well only because of the nice 3D model of Chris. I think to use similar sense of perspective in my next tyrannosaur drawing, which due to some recent events will be left to be done not so soon.

ShinRedDear's avatar
You're welcome. :D

A 3d model is always very useful. ;)

And take your time for the next piece, there is no rush. I look forward
to every work of yourse. :)

I still have this bistahieversor sketch I have yet to finish. This one is directly inspired
by your series.
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So wonderful ! :D
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cryptidsaurian's avatar
Wow, the head in particular looks almost like one of Julius Csotonyi's ink drawings. Very nice!
T-PEKC's avatar
That's quite a compliment there, thank you very much! Julius is one of my favorite paleoartists.
cryptidsaurian's avatar
No problem; I have to say you have improved a huge amount since I first saw your art on JPL.
malevouvenator's avatar
Good to see this guy here. Its very underrated! I really love your style, reminds me the paleoilustrator of the Dinosaur Renaissence like Paul Bakker or Mc Loughlin pics. Continue with the great job!
T-PEKC's avatar
Thank you very much for the really kind words and comparison with paleoart icon like Bob Bakker. And I agree that Alioramus is one very interesting and cool looking tyrannosaur which for some weird reason remains in the shadows of its more popular relatives. It's a shame really.
malevouvenator's avatar
Really sad, even this guy was planned in JPOG with other dinosaurs in the shadows like Panoplosaurus or Wuerhosaurus
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Really? Looks more like confused to me. :lol:
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Oh, nice one :clap: Love the markings and the vulture like plumage =)
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Thank you! :) I'm quite fond of the markings myself.
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