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Albertosaurus sarcophagus

Sprinting Albertosaurus sarcophagus.

Medium: Ink
Done: 2013

Photo of mounted skull of Albertosaurus sarcophagus from Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, by…
Paul, G. S. 2010. The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs.- Princeton University Press. (referenced for skeletal drawing of Albertosaurus)
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I wrote a comment too late. But okay. Very nice work on layers and dynamics. However, I'm confused fluff on the face. I think it is unlikely that he had the feathers on the face, as they would get dirty in the blood.
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Why would feathered face would be unlikely? The majority of the hypercarnivorous modern birds (like eagles, hawks, falcons, owls) have extensively feathered heads.  Keeping their hygiene doesn't seem to be much of a problems. Bald head and neck are exception, not a rule. I see no reason with would have been much different with non-avian dinosaurs.
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Maybe, maybe. It is likely that some tyrannosaurs had bald heads, and others - partly feathered. Personally, I lean to the first variant, but this work from you is still a good alternative. :) (Smile) At least, not yet found imprints of skin (specifically Albertosaurus), we can only speculate.
Hi! I´m enjoying your work. It´s posibble any contact whit you? Where are you living?
I´m very interested in more information about this paleo reconstructions...are very originals!
I work with a chilean paleonthologic research group, professional indeed, and we are looking
for a illustrator.
I´ll be expecting a lot for your news!
Fresia Grimberg-Latino
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Hello Fresia!

Thank you for the interest in my work. You can contact me via email at vlado_raptor(at)mail(dot)bg or send me a note here on DeviantArt (notes are the private message system of DeviantArt.

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The way it is running reminds me the hilariously awesome way the T. rexes ran in the Good Dinosaur. I think that's the way I going to draw large theropods running from now on. A sort of gigantic roadrunner.
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I have yet to see to see that movie.
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The T. rexes gallop like horses! :P
Wyatt-Andrews-Art's avatar
Hilariously awesome!
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Wow, so many feathered tyrants here - awesome!!
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Glad you like them.
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Fantastic! I love the way the gait of the animal is almost reminiscent of a prancing horse... you've really captured a sense of movement and grace.

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Amazing! I have to ask, though... Why did you stop drawing bird-like scutes in your theropods feet? Its because of this:… ?
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Thank you!

Yes, it's based on Matt's post but I'm also trying to distinct myself and my art from that of others, and try to make my dinosaurs different while still accurate, thus I'm exploiting options. Half of the reconstructions in my Tyrannosauridae series show bird-like scutes though.
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So dynamic, great work as always! 
The only think I would critisize is the lack of "ground" reference. I think even a light shadow creating air below both feet would help emphasize the dynamism. (don't get me wrong, it's more a personal opinion than a true critique)
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Thank you, Chirs!

Yes, of course, you're absolutely right that some partial background, even if it's only surface on which the animal to step on will greatly benefit the artwork. Maybe someday I'll get around to add it. It's just that for my project, which is eventually putting all these tyrannosaurids into poster showing their phylogeny, I don't need any kind of background (even if there is one, it will get digitally erased eventually) and thus I'm just saving time by not drawing it. But your point is absolutely correct, and I agree with it! :)
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I really love this series! I want to see them all on a wallpaper once this is done :)
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Thank you! :) Once I'm done with illustrating all tyrannosaurids, there will be poster showing their phylogeny.
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Sweet! Say what's your opinion on Alioramus being a tyrannosauroid now? (Which are you going to depict the second species?) And Nanotyrannus ?
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