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Agustinia ligabuei

Agustinia ligabuei. Pencil, 2009.

The reconstruction is extremely speculative and it's not based on actual references.
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i know the design has changed for this guy but this one was so much more interesting :D
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Fabulous drawing - love those spines protruding from the dinosaur's back :-)
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Thank you, but this reconstruction is now terribly outdated. :)
Unfortunately, those spikes turn rout to be bone fragments.
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Wow! Agustinia is such a strange looking animal that it's hard to make it seem "real" in restorations, but you succeed beautifully here!

PeteriDish's avatar
is this a sauropod trying really hard to look like a stegosaur? :la: freaking love it! :squee:
T-PEKC's avatar

I don't think I'm still that sure what Agustinian is. But if stegosaurs try to be sauropods (Miragaia), than why not sauropods try to be like stegosaurs. :lol:
PeteriDish's avatar
very true! Miragaia is quite an insane-looking creature! XD
KigerwolfRD's avatar
Good heavens all those details... how did you keep your sanity. o-o
Rafael-Albo's avatar
How you make texture for skin?
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one of the best reconstruction of this species i've ever see!!!Conglats!! sorry..bad english XD
T-PEKC's avatar
Thank you very much!
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mientras son peras o son manzanas la verdad es que esta muy bien
T-PEKC's avatar
Thanks...I guess. :lol: Sorry but I don't understand Spanish.
r-dario's avatar
Oh, I'm sorry! I just said it came out wonderful. Keep it up!
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I love sauropods like these. Their so diffrent and quirky and... wtf all over them! lol
Their my favs from all the dinosaurs haha
T-PEKC's avatar
I love sauropods as a whole. They're magnificent animals.
commander-salamander's avatar
Is it just me or are dinosaurs just getting weirder and weirder. And some were a bit strange to begin with.

You done a fabulous job.
T-PEKC's avatar
I don't know... probably you're right. Some of them had really strange looking features but after all there are even stranger animals living today. That's the nature. Sometimes it could go crazy with its designs.
guilmon182's avatar
I'd believe it.
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