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Achillobator giganticus

Achillobator giganticus. Charcoal, 2009.

The reconstruction is extremely speculative.
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Awesome and badass!
Super beatiful men!!
Could you make a Tyrannosaurus with feathers well in profile? Also without color, like this one. If you give me the permission I will use some parts of this drawing and some other drawings of yours for a project that I am working on, I will give you credits if you want.
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Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
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why couldn't you get a reference?
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Reference? Like skeletal drawing or something? Because there are a very few fossil remains from this animal.
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Beautiful work!!
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Pretty damn good.
I like how you incorporated the quills along its back. No dromaeosaur has been found with them yet (unfortionately), but it's a possibility.
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Well, the reconstruction was already very speculative, so I thought "It couldn't get worse" and just added them. :lol:

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And here's(maybe) how Achillobator would look in JP!
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Speculative as it may be, it's great.
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Only one comment yet? What a shame!
I think the shading is very nice:) How large is this?
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Amasing work! i love shadows!!
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