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T-K Pack VI - Final Cut
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We had completed this pack 2 months ago, but never got around to releasing it, which is also why this is our last pack. We are just far too busy. At this point we'd like to thank a lot of avs artists for their inspiration and support throughout our time in the avs community. Especially nemoorange, avs-king, paranoya, tuggummi, evilrice, degnic, elvis and yathosho. Thanks guys!

A little something about this pack. 21 presets which I feel aren't exactly my best. There are a couple in there that are remixes of tuggummi's presets, these were meant to go in degnics tribute to him, unfortunately we couldn't meet the deadline :( (Sad) Most of the presets aren't beat responsive, but rely on visuals, which is what we aimed for in this, our Final Cut.
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Wolderful pack as always, and it's so sad to see you two "slowing down." It's never fun to see an avs artist leave, even aprtially, and you guys are certainly no exception. I'll miss your works.

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i've been running around all night pretty much giving props to the only people i ever look for werk from her in the avs section. i've been reading that some people are about to bail, and i don't get around enough to really know what's up, so i've been telling a few people the same thing: i usually only swoop through the avs section once a month, and there are only a few names i look for, because i really don't like sorting through presets to keep the ones i want, so i just head fer the ppl that i know make the baddest-assed presets around, like you. anyway, bottom line, my props to you fella. i've always admired yer werk-
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Wow, this pack is pure beauty.
I know you two can't stop making avs presets, but every now and then we all need a break so i undestand.

Well about the pack, it is purely about the visual effects and not much of the reaction (like you said), but some of the presets have both reaction to music (or beat) and look really smooth and "electric". This of course requires a fast computer which i don't have :( (Sad)

I guess the stylish packs are the thing that's "IN" right now (Degnic's D3).

Well, congrats on the DD.

And thanks for the tributes/remixes! Job well done :) (Smile)
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it's a pity that the avs fans all over the world will have to wait such a long long time, till they have the chance to see your art again. we'll be always here, waiting for the day.
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thk-cable's avatar
Well well well!!!

I'm glad U got another DS for a AVS pack!
I think Gonson should continue makin presets but ......

Upita Hokanda thamai wenna langa dima! :D (Big Grin) !

Cheers again!

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i forgot to add this to my favs before lol... i just did it
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evilrice|Hobbyist Photographer
Hey, you got a DD! What a curtain call :D (Big Grin)
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joker's avatar
WOW....this presets are great!
congratulations on the DD
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That's what I call a total TOTAL PACKAGE !
- = - Congrt' on DD ! - = -

--=--=--=--{D.J. Max}--=--=--=--

No Music, No Life...
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mmm, lovely. cant critique on avs...just really nice. I love the watch it :) (Smile)
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da16x|Hobbyist General Artist
- i Really Liked :

Crystal Stare - Very Smooth But i Think U Could Just Add An On-Beat Channel Shift
And would Have Been Moer Intresting.
Fantasy Stars - Just A Nice Space Them Present :) (Smile)
In Black and White - i LoVe Love B&W And Thizz Present DMz :D (Big Grin)
Living Free - Colourfull Love
Quiet Riot - Very Good :) (Smile)
Warp Drive - Very Good :) (Smile)
Writings on the Wall - i Had A Very Resembles 2 A Present i Had But It'z Very Dark i Think.

- O.k Overall i Think i'll Make It A +fav Coz U Really Worked Hard On It And It'z Your Last

Even If It'z Not My Style :) (Smile)

- BTW i'll Keep An Eye Eyes On Your Skins When i Get The Chanse :) (Smile)
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siron's avatar
wow. fantastic job guys. ill be using these! +fav
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Thanks for the DS, brazen. What a way to say goodbye. Sure, we'll be making presets, could never REALLY stop. It's just that we won't be making any packs for a very very long time.

And as for the question on skins...we'll always be making skins!! :D (Big Grin)
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you went out with a bang...

It is sad to see another avs artist go... i hope that you do release presets in the future, although it would be as often.

congratulations... + favs

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To be honest, I liked DreamHorizon more. Not to say that this is a bad pack, it's still good, but not as good as DreamHorizon. Too bad it's your last. Well, I hope you can still comment (and make skins?).
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da16x|Hobbyist General Artist
- Congratz On The DD Thumbs Up

- Comment Later.............
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i tried em and i think they rock :) (Smile) very nice made!
and grats for the dd
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serp's avatar
Yummy awesome presets
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degnic's avatar
Hey you won DD ! Congrats :) (Smile)
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c-specter's avatar
hey, congrats on DS! :D (Big Grin)
very nice pack! i will check them out!
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I have to test this one since it got a D AVS ( ? )
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excellent pack

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Some very awesome presets here, and all the presets are good, no crappy ones at all. Very good usage of colors. Also the presets doesn't repeat themselves so the variety is awesome. A must +faves pack.

Personal favourites: abstract mind sketchings, crystal stare, evil rhytmen, living free, and above all, dragon breakers.

It makes me sad that you leave avs, cause you guys are one of my favourite avs makers, it makes me really sad :( (Sad) .. Hope you'll be back someday..
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jone| Interface Designer
not especially intressted in avs, although i must say that i really like these ones! a great pack! :D (Big Grin)
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