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I've given the wa2qcd site a facelift, and added the much-requested batch conversion to it!  Had some teeth pulled last week, and I'm almost recovered.  Also, we got about 2-4 inches of snow in the last 24 hours, and snow always makes me happy!
Well, I'm back for a bit.  WA2QCD has been converted to C++, and I'm now adding to it.  That's about it.
The utility for porting Winamp skins to Quintessential (QCD) format has undergone some major reconstruction.

Originally written in VB, it has been ported to C++ for speed and compatibility issues.  The current version (2.0 Beta 2) also resolves some issues that were left outstanding from the VB version.
I haven't written anything for a while.  Being a newlywed seriously reduces the amount of time one wishes to spend online. ;o)

I'm in the process of re-writing the Winamp to QCD skin conversion proggy.  Beta version is at my website link.  Hopefully, I'll get some more time soon to continue working on it.
As you may/may not have heard, Winamp will be releasing an Alpha of version 3 shortly. It seems that the feature touted the most is free-form skinning. I just wanted to take a moment and share my views on the whole Winamp versus QCD debate.

Personally, now that my WA2QCD skin converter functions (most of the time), I don't even notice that it's QCD and not WinAmp. Unless, that is, I look at that nifty Task Manager(WinNT) icon in my taskbar. Then, of course, I KNOW it's not WinAmp.

How? Because it's not full. Even when WinAmp is doing nothing, it hogs as many processor slices as it can. Being somewhat of a programmer, this seems to me to be not only bad form, but inefficient use of system power. If I had a dollar for every time I would wait for an app to load while listening to WinAmp, I could buy NullSoft and AOL/TW.

To me, this is the MOST important feature of QCD -- it only uses what it needs!!! Playing an MP3, with External Vis & EQ on, and a taskbar that looks more like random belches from an Icon program (i.e.: VERY full, 10+ apps loaded) I only get 2-10% CPU usage for QCD. With Winamp...

So what if Winamp is free-forming their skins... I'll lay dollars to doughnuts that they still haven't fixed the CPU usage to only use what it needs. If anything, I'll bet it uses more.

In closing, thanks Paul/Matt for making a wonderful media program that isn't cpu greedy!! Ever since 3 first came out, I haven't played my music on anything else!!! (so not only does it play music, but simplifies my growing collection of shortcuts!!!)

*handing the soap-box to someone who really deserves it*
A new upgrade to the WinAMP to QCD skin conversion application has been released which several major upgrades.  

This converter, while still in beta, handles quite a few of the features that keep people using WinAmp. Below is a list of features that currently work:

- Windowshade for Main w/Playlist

- WSZ (WinAmp Skin Zip) file conversion

- QSF Creation (If WinZip 7 or 8 installed then some Exception Errors popped up)

- Most Bitmapped Fonts (some errors w/anti-aliased fonts)

- All Player Buttons

- Almost all sliders (still some erroring out)

- 90% of Transparencies (some regions.txt not working)

- Thumbnail of main.bmp in Skin Browser

- AVS skin to External Vis Skin

- Added visual checklist of Winamp skin components/features

Visit the site for more info or to download.
Not sure if I'm going to release 1.0 of WA2QCD as a VB app, or wait and convert to C++.  Spent a wonderful weekend with my wife, and garnering some heinous Overtime.