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there.. the problem D:
nothing creative much at the moment.. i think thats the black hole called artblock?
-robot voice on-

Need money....
Fursuit building... expencive...
Conventions.. MOAR expencive...
Need moar munneh...

Commish me D:

-robot voice off-
I realised just by now and recently that i dont like drawing stuff for myself.
What i always wanted to do is to draw for someone i like and care for, and that in return of course.

So, i wont be suddenly active because: Being busy with reallife and getting off the internet as much as i can.

Is best to quote my text i send to a friend at facebook:

"I will have to see how i can or want to. to be honest i am not so much arround the internet anymore since everyone on there have left me hanging recently, broke contact or just dont care for me. so i am not very open for anything that requires more effort since i dont want to get disappointed again."

Let me tell you one thing: Dont put too much trust, hope or effort in online contacts. I made this mistake several times and now it has come to a point where i cant stand this anymore.

So, if i feel like drawing again, i will let you know. If you watch me you will see my art popping up anyway.

However. I hope you still have fun watching art of other artists that draw for their own fun, unlike me who draws for others.
Support them with lovely hugs, favīs and comments, they will love you back for sure!


does anyone have any clue how to import correctly ogre armatures/skeletons or does anyone have the full armature of the FH models including the wings armature for both canine and feline?

Id like to redo animations and tried to just remake the main bodys one since thats the only stuff i got but the game always crashes and i cant figure out why.

So if anyone would be a help i thank you very much then ^^

You can watch the record here:… PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS NEVER CTRL+(button) BUT ALWAYS SHIFT+(button) ! i trouble that always up since i use a german keyboard!

I will start the next stream soon at 9PM GTM +1 (Germany), but i dont know which day, yet. Anyone who is interested to get a hang of blender or improve knowledge or even SHARE knowledge, is welcome.
Please keep in mind that i wont be able to show you in a fast walk how to do anything, meshing takes effort and your time away!


So since i am not able to do anything for FH that can go into official releases, i would like to show you how to use blender.
The basics would be the interface, but i can only show you what i know and what you need to know to do meshes for IT or FH or any other Ogre game.

Depending on who is interested (and sadly the timezone) i can do some livestream for you.
Of course everyone is invited to look at the stream, but i wont be able to answer everyones questions. But i will try to.

I have seen some other players being able to import the FH wings armature. I couldnt figure that out by now, so i wont be able to show/teach you stuff for that.

So, favorite times for that would be fridays or saturdays, since these are (mostl time) the only days i could stay up long for you to show you stuff.


I could teach you:

Creating a mesh/model.
Asigning a materialname to it.
UV-Map adding / Unwrapping an UV.
Getting a exture into blender and onto your mesh/model.
Creating an armature/bones for your model/mesh.
Connecting your mesh/model with the armature (parenting).
Animate the model using the armature.

I will using my own models or the FH models for showing you the how-to-doīs.

Coding scripts is somthing that you can do in blender but i dont know how so i cant teach u that. I only can use the codes/scripts that are already on the ogre information site, which i barely understand myself. So coding materials wont be shown.


Suggest your time here, but please let me know it in GMT time.

And pleeease note that this stuff and this help wont get you to be a pro just by watching the stream. You will have your problems getting started, i had them to, but you should never give up!
More Information, look here:… <- Click it.
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So here i am telling you again that i DO NOT PLAY OR ADMINISTRATE OR WORK for any Impressive Title games out the net!

It was brought to my attention that someone is impersonating me with my old deviantartname, and my old long ago used nickname tigerpython. Even using my characters name Greed and stole artwork from a good friend of mine, using it as own forumicon.


If you see someone acting or pretending to be me, you can sure as hell report that one, ban it or what ever since i wont be on any of these games.

As you can see here:… That one i dont even care who that is, is impersonating me. I dont care at all, go on brat, but now everyone knows you are a poor kid trying to impersonate what you can never do now on this site anymore, hahahahahahahah! I pity you.

For the risk that the profile "magically" gets changed into anything else, see the Screenshot:…

PSSSHT.. impersonator.. i have a info for you.. YOU WROTE THE NAME WRONG!
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Aight, this is the most annoying thing ever.

My Computer had a huge crash due to a electricity problem.
All my Data is -gone-.

Everything that i have ever made for FH is gone, everything that i have ever drawn is -gone-.
Pictures are gone, photos.. memories. Everything!
And that on a computer that hasnt even been used.

So. I think ill have to start from nothing. And since i dont have the mental power to do that, i will be idle till anything goes round again. No clue what timespan that could be.

You can commish me and order Items for FH or IT, of course for real money. I need anything i can get to buy new HDD devices and probably mainboard.. maybe its even better to get a new computer :/

For commission:…

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Do you really think i wont have noticed yet?

And do you REALLY think i havent already changed my password to a very special super long one?

No? Then you are VERY dumb!

So fuck off and try to hack someone else! My e-mail there is NOT for IT and NOT for FH! It is just for junk! It gets a LOT of spamm!
Do you REALLY think i would post my IMPORTANT e-mail adress anywhere? And my accounts on any sites do everywhere have DIFFERENT passwords!

God! Go learn your homework you FREAK!

Sincerely pissing right onto your head.
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OMG guys!!!


How IMMATURE and DUMB are you?! I recently found many "smart" users who yell LIAR at others who actually DID work for FH!
Seriously get your brain back into your head again, cause thats the place it belongs to and not the dirty floor to kick it arround like soccer.

Have you ever asked the staff about someone who says he or she did work for FH? No? Then shut up!
There is no list that says who made what for FH, the staff list does -only- show the current admins or moderators and does NOT show who were ever working for the game.

To make it clear, there are many nice persons who actually did some work for FH and they are not even credited anywhere.
Markings where made by a lot of different people, even me did some of them. The instructions/manual was worked on by many users too, and yes i had my hands on them long ago too! The bodyparts are also not only made by kovu, i did some of them too.

So stop being a pest and get your information BEFORE you judge someone. You may find out that you are wrong with yelling LIAR at someone!



(Any grammar mistakes you find are now yours, you can keep them =_=)
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Cancelled through LS issues :/

Come to and watch with us one of these awesome movies!

This will start at these Times:

CEST (European) 10pm
PST (California) 1pm
MST (Colorado) 2pm
EST (Connecticut) 4pm

You can choose between these movies:

matrix 1-3, alien 1 - 4
jurassic park 1-3
TLK 1-3
fifth element
sister act
final fantasy advent children
i am legend
tranfsormers 1-3
kung fu panda 1-2
how to train your dragon
planet of apes - prevolution
disneys dinosaurs
teenage mutant ninja turtles 1-4
hellboy 1-2
the last unicorn
the guardians of gahoolethingie
men in black 1-2
mrs brisby and the secret of nimh
the plague dogs
the land before time
resident evil 1-2
Resident Evil Damnation
journey to the middle of earth
nightmare before christmas
star wars episode 2
minority report
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Tiggs Next Lifestream: TODAY!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 8, 2012, 11:06 AM

A slight change in the movies!

Since the Disneymovies i would like to keep for Red And Wolffox for the fixed Streamdays as they are saturdays, i will cut down my list a little!

I would like to stream today too. Anyone would want to come? Time is this:

22:00PM Deutschland (MESZ/CEST/CEDT)
2 PM MDT USA: Mountain Standard Time (MST)  (Middle USA)

I have some Movies to choose:

I am going to livestream some WOW gameplay!

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Commissions! OPEN

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 20, 2012, 10:30 AM

I think i will go to accept some more Commissions, since i will need to save money! I plan to buy a fursuit! Commish me! :3

For 1 Character, no Background:
Scribble 7$ / 6€
Scribble with lazy coloration 10$ / 8€
Clear outlines 13$ / 10€
Clear outlines with coloring 15$ /15€

If you want shading then add extra 4$ / 3€ to every of the listed prices :)
Background cost 4$ / 3€ extra.
Every extra character cost 7$ / 6€ extra.

Im an only drawing animals. Everything else i really suck in drawing <.<"

Will take up to 2 Weeks since the Picture is done (due to business/work).

Mesh commission / Items für FH or IT!…

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Im helping in the FH forum as Mod and i am still an Admin in the german forum and game. I am not doing so much again for that game but helping members when they have questions about meshes. Or need some advice with this stuff. So far i help them as good as i can when they PM me.
I am also doing new meshes for the game, but it wont lay in my hand when they wont get ingame. I am not deciding if they go ingame. Like maybe some of you know i already did new Tails but due to Kovs decision they never went ingame and i doubt they ever will do.

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I will think about if i might join back to FH, seeing its not making many progress i feel to help in meshing and mapping.

Lets see what will happen..

And oh my god please refuse to approach me ingame yelling at me YOUR NOT TIGG SHE LEFT!!

*rolls eyes*
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Quitting FH

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 17, 2011, 9:27 AM
I am officially no FH Staff Member anymore and wont play that Game again.

Due to constant issues in a lack of communication and much more worse stuff (you cant even imagine..), mostly comming from the Gamemaker, i decidet to quit it completely.

So i wont help anyone with FH, nor will i offer any support when it comes to that Game.

I will still do Meshes in the :iconfh-it-mesh-store: but i wont give any further Support for the Meshes if they wont work.

I am not really sorry to say it, actually i am very happy to be finally off the stress and now free.

I wish you all a nice day.


PS.: I am only sorry for the poor Rest of Staff who has to Stick with all the Mess.

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Doing Mesh- and Preset Commissions!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 8, 2011, 8:13 AM

I am also able to make Items for your IT characters or FeralHeart Characters.

However. In Impressive Title you will have to replace the Item with another one.

In FeralHeart the Item will be the Color of the Tail. That means you should make a Preset to color the Item right.

Items will be attached to the Tail.

Important Note: Only YOU will be able to see that Item, unless you send the File to your Friends. If you send the Files to your Friends, the Friends will be ALSO be able to use that Item.

Items will cost 50 points per one. If they get too complex they maybe cost a little more, write me to talk about it.

Taking Presetrequests for FH. And Meshrequests.

Full Preset  costs 50 points. Or Art-payment, if you are good and i like your professional drawings.  Dont be sad if i denie your offer for Art-payment!

If you want special things like moving texture, transparent, glowing, colorchanging markings etc. pp. then add 20points extra to the Pointdonation.

Meshrequests are more expensive, since they take more time and effort.

Basic Mesh 50 points. Or Art-payment, if you are good and i like your professional drawings.  Dont be sad if i dont take your offer for Art-payment!

Complex Mesh starts with 80 points.
If the mesh is more complex then we will have to talk about the price.

Every Mesh will be tested and exported to be ready for use in FH. You will get the UV-Maps so you can give your Mesh the proper Textures, i can help on that one if there are problems (of course for free).

Please keep in mind that i dont do low poly Meshes.

BEVORE you donate Points, send me a Note so i can have a look at the Mesh / Preset you want.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! READ THIS: Every Mesh or Preset i do for you, should be, if submitted to the Internet, refer to me as in that i made the Preset / Mesh. Just give credit to me, it would be much apreciated!

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My Art is only shown on Deviantart and currently Furaffinity and Inkbunny. I am not on any other Sites. It seemed someone tooked my Pictures and registered somwhere with my Name and Art. If you find someone doing that, please report them and give Credit to this Journal. Thank you.

-Tigerpython / Tigg
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 13, 2010, 2:23 PM
I am taking Comissions.

Basic is one Character per picture, if you want more then each char costs +2$

Scribble 7$ (no shading)
Outlines 11$ (no shading)
Colored outlines 13,50$ (no shading)
Colored Outlines with Outlines Background (but NOT colored BG) 16,30$ (no shading)
Complete Picture, Colored 19$ (no shading)
Full Picture, colored, shading 23$

Only accepting Paypal because i live in Germany.

Picture Size will be fixed to your Desktopscreen, so if you have Widescreen or what ever, just tell me your resolution and the picture will fit it.

Donate here:…

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Basic Prices for Orders. And my Life.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 11, 2010, 1:14 PM
Changed my prices, since i saw some people are throwing out their Art for more less. Well.. my art means somthing to me, it is also work and i wount set my prices any deeper.

For my reallife which is, obviously, more important than anything else.
I have got a job now, full time 55h per Week. That means i just have free time on the weekends. So.. well.. i wount work much on anything related to FH. If i have free time i want to enjoy it, maybe i will work a bit on manes, tufts, ears and tails. But not very soon for now.

That also means, rarely online. Over the workdays i am after the work that darn tired that i just dont -want- to be online much. I want to get my sleep, to relax a bit and chat a -little- with friends. So i am avaialable at the weekend, but not really on other days, except i get free days/holidays/vacation.

Thats all so far and for now. Have a nice day you all.


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